What is the capital of the island of Malta

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The city of Valletta

Valletta is a European city located in the Republic of Malta, and represents the administrative and national capital of the country since it gained its independence on the twenty-first of September of the year one thousand nine hundred and sixty-four, and it is also considered the capital and capital of the region of southern Europe European during the year two thousand and eighteen, and the commercial and economic center, and the headquarters of the Republic’s government; it includes most of the government buildings, such as: Parliament, and the Court.

Valletta city site

The city of Valletta is located in the Republic of the Island of Malta, specifically in the area overlooking the northeastern coast of the country, and it sits on a Gulf bump of Mount Sospiras.

About the history of Valletta

The Port of Valletta was established in the wake of the great siege of Malta in the year one thousand five hundred and sixty five, then the settlers inhabited it until they were expelled by the French forces in the year one thousand seven hundred and ninety eight, and the city remained in that state until the Maltese revolt erupted, and the Maltese revolution broke out The British had the opportunity to control Valletta in the year one thousand eight hundred, and the city’s port represented a thousand eighteen hundred and fourteen strategic naval military bases since the year, but it suffered like the rest of Europe’s cities from damage during the world war The second, then it was rebuilt, restored, and started to flourish and develop into a center and hub of the country.

Valletta’s most important landmarks

The city of Valletta contains many places and wonderful tourist attractions, and the following is a mention of the most important:

  • St. John’s Cathedral: It is one of the most beautiful churches in the country, as it was built during the period between the two years (1573-1578 AD), as it is distinguished by its wonderful architecture.
  • Master Grand Palace: It is an ancient historical and archaeological palace built during the sixteenth century AD, and is characterized by its amazing interior design.
  • National Museum of Archeology: It is considered one of the most important museums in Malta; it contains many historical artifacts, such as stone tools dating back to 5200 BC.
  • The upper pool gardens: It is considered one of the wonderful landscapes, as it was created during the sixteenth century.


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