What is the capital of the Republic of Bashkiria?

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Ufa is the capital of the Republic of Bashkiria

Ufa is the capital of the Republic of Bashkortostan or what is known as the Bashkortostan in Russia, where it is located at the confluence of the Belaia and Ufa rivers. The city is the industrial center of the Ural Mountains. The Russians founded it in 1547 AD and built a castle and settlement This castle has served as a defensive position to protect the commercial route through the Ural Mountains from Kazan to Tyumen, and Ufa became a city in 1586 AD, and gained importance from this commercial road, as it is an important cultural center, as it includes many institutes, universities, and many research institutions Scientific.

Economy in Ufa

The city of Ufa grew rapidly in the twentieth century as a major industrial center, and the Volga-Urals oilfield helped it, as oil refineries were established in it, and the petrochemical industry, synthetic rubber, polyethylene, herbicides, and other products helped. The task, as the city owns large engineering industries, such as the manufacture of energy machines, electrical appliances, telephones and typewriters, as well as the wood, furniture and various food industries, and is an important point for railways, roads, and oil and gas pipelines.

Tourism in Ufa

Ufa includes many interesting tourist places, the most notable of which are the following:

  • Ufa Jazz Club: This club offers local jazz music performances, as well as international bands.
  • Vatan Park: It is a distinct group of shops, in addition to the art galleries found in traditional tents, where tourists can buy food, and get to know the Republic of Bashkiria through them.
  • Bashkiria Opera and Ballet Theater: It is a historical theater that is very popular with locals and tourists.
  • International Arts Festival: It is a five-day cultural festival, focusing largely on music and dance.
  • Bashkortostan National Museum: It is located in a building created in the style of Art Nouveau, which contains thousands of exhibits that express culture, history and the natural environment.


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