What is the capital of the state of Burma

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The capital of the State of Burma

Naypyidaw is the capital of Burma, which is located at latitude 19.75 and longitude 96.13, and is the political center of the Republic of Burma, with a population of 925,000.

Sightseeing in Naypyidaw

We mention some of the tourist places in the city of Naypyidaw as follows:

  • Obatasanti Temple: Dubbed the “Peace Temple”, it is a copy of the Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon and an important landmark in the city of Naypyidaw. The temple is also located at an altitude of one hundred meters.
  • Ngallik Gardens: Founded in 2008, this park is located along the Ngallik Dam, which is a small water park, about seven miles from the city.
  • Naypyidaw Zoo: It is the largest zoo in Burma, with about 500 different animal species.
  • Sculptures: There are three colossal sculptures of Anurata, Pinung, and Uungpai “U Aung Zia”, who are among the greatest kings in Burma.
  • Other tourist areas: Gemstone Museum, Naypyido Safari Park, National Herbal Park, Ngallik Dam, and the water fountain complex behind the city hall.

Information about the city of Naypyido

Naypyido became the capital of the State of Burma in March of 2006 AD, so it contains many government buildings, luxury hotels, apartments, and airports, and its residents are civil servants, and it has few facilities but it has access to electricity unlike other cities in this country, and it has an airport Nay Pyi Taw is for military personnel only. This city can also be reached by road or railway at Penmana Station, which is close to Yangon.


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