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The city of Taipei (English: Taipei) is the capital of the state of Taiwan, which is located in the northern region, and an area of ​​271 square kilometers, and its name was mentioned for the first time in the late rule of Emperor Kagashi, and in 1895 AD this city came under the rule of the Japanese and a development project was started. Its huge, and Taiwan is currently ranked nineteenth globally in terms of economy in the world.

Transportation in Taipei

A visitor can reach this area through the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (in English: The Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport), which connects this city with a number of major cities around the world, and many local destinations in Taiwan can be reached through Songshan Airport located in it, The visitor can also use many other means of transportation such as: buses, and fast railways to reach many local destinations within the city.

Tourism in Taipei

National Palace Museum

This museum is one of the places crowded with visitors, especially after opening the field for Chinese tourism in 2008, and it includes a wide range of the most luxurious art collections in China, along with many artistic treasures related to painting, statues, pottery, and others, and it also provides a number of guided tours in the language English during the period from ten in the morning until three in the evening.

Xiahai Deity City Temple

This temple is located on Dihua Street. It was built in 1856 AD. This temple is considered vibrant, as it is a good place to see the rituals of folk worship, and see many traditional art pieces, and the administration of the temple offers many clear signs in English for reference To the city god and his wife, in addition to the matchmaker, who is said to have collected thousands of husbands, and contains a collection of art pieces and sculptures.

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