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North Nicosia, the capital of Turkish Cyprus

Nicosia is the capital of the Turkish Cyprus, where it is located on the Pedios River in the central plain of the island, and it is an important administrative center where part of it is located in Turkey. In Cyprus, it is a commercial center for agriculture, textiles, pottery, plastic and other important industries, in addition to copper mines near it.

History of Nicosia

Many invaders punished the rule of Nicosia, where it was controlled by the Byzantines, the Lusignan kings, Venice, the Turks, and the British, and thus reflected the vicissitudes of Cypriot history and the eastern and western influences on them, and they were known in the old name as Ledra, and they became the seat of the government of Cyprus since the tenth century The Gregorian century, it was rebuilt by the Venetians to include a smaller area, and the Saint Sophia Cathedral was built there, which bears witness to political and religious changes in it.

The borders of Nicosia extended during the twentieth century beyond the walls of the current city of Venice, and the old city was rebuilt inside it, and as a result of Turkish intervention in 1974 AD the northern part of it remained in Turkey, including its international airport, within the operational borders of the United Nations that The Turkish-run Northern Cyprus is separated from southern Cyprus, and in the mid-1970s, the city saw an influx of about 35,000 Greek refugees.

The most prominent landmarks of North Nicosia

Turkish northern Nicosia includes many important tourist attractions, the most notable of which are the following:

  • Selimiye Mosque.
  • Armenian Church and Nunnery.
  • The Arab Quarter.
  • Haydarpasa Mosque.
  • Rustom Library.
  • Ethnographic Museum of Cyprus.
  • Old mosaic restaurant.
  • Pasha Darwish Palace.
  • Bedestan.
  • Turkish Islamic Art Museum of Cyprus.

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