What is the most beautiful capital in the world?

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Capitals are the main cities in any country, and they are often the first thing that falls on the visitor’s eye and the student’s eye on a specific country from all over the world. And capitals like countries, their beauty is determined according to the standards and foundations of the beauty of countries and regions. Some people love the areas where the natural places abound, while others love the areas where the cultural heritage and historical monuments abound, and there are those who love the areas that are characterized as modern. For this reason, it is difficult for someone’s opinion to satisfy all people’s tastes.

The most beautiful capitals of the world

The region is the most beautiful in the entire world is the region of the Levant, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria, the size of the cultural, historical and natural diversity that exists on this land cannot be counted, in which the plains, mountains and valleys are the magical regions with the testimony of orientalists, and who come to visit these countries, also this region is The origin of religions, for this reason, is a region where spirituality prevails, and from here on whoever visits this region immediately feels psychological comfort, say to find it in any other region in the world, as he immediately feels love and beauty. Hence, the constituent countries of the Levant are the most beautiful countries, and from here also we can say that the four capitals are the most beautiful capitals at all, and one cannot be preferred over another, except that one of them may contain things that are distinct and specific to them that do not exist from other capitals .


Jerusalem is distinguished, for example, as the capital of the sacred places. Every inch in it is a sacred inch, and it is also distinguished by the beauty of its architecture, given that it is an ancient city that civilization has passed on through history.


Amman is beautiful because it is a witness to all civilizations. Civilizations, before their demise, refuse to leave nothing but their memory in Amman. In Amman, there are many monuments, including the Citadel, which contains many monuments, and there is the Roman amphitheater, the companions ’shelters, and the cave of the people of the cave, And the way of the nymphs, the center of the country, Jabal Amman, Jabal Al-Weibdeh and many others, and all these places constitute the beating heart of Oman and it gives the soul to everyone who comes to visit this beautiful capital.


Damascus is considered a city in which man could not find an analogy to it, as the percentage of beauty in it is very high, to the point where a person feels that he is in heaven and not on the ground, so between the old houses, the graves of the great, the ancient markets, the hardship, restaurants, and every stone of the stone, the human heart and everything in it is formed.


Beirut connects East and West, which is the city of inexhaustible culture, the city of civilization, and the city of magic and beauty, as it is one of the most beautiful parts of the world at all. It suffices for a person to know that Beirut is the home of art and beauty to say immediately that it is one of the most beautiful capitals of the world.


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