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Berlin is the most beautiful city in Germany

Berlin is ranked as the most exciting and cosmopolitan German city in many ways, such as arts, museums, architecture, and history. Besides, Berlin includes many landmarks that are symbols of the whole country and are not exclusive to Berlin; as a government building (English: Reichstag) , TV Tower (English: Fernsehturm), Kaiser Wilham Memorial Church (English: Gedächtniskirche), and other attractions.

History of the city of Berlin

Berlin has a history of events, as it was officially founded in the thirteenth century, but according to excavations that were carried out in 2008 AD it was found that the city may have been around 1183 AD; that is, a century before that, by discovering a bundle of oak that dates back Therefore, history, and it is reported that the city has been exposed to many events throughout its history and faced many dark times, but ultimately it succeeded in overcoming the state of division and what it went through to become one of the vital cities in the heart of Europe as a result of the growth of its importance.

Tourist places in Berlin

Berlin Wall

The Berlin Wall was built in August of 1961 AD based on a decree of the East German government in order to prevent the escape of the East German population from the educated, professional, and skilled workers to West Germany, after losing about 2.5 million people between 1949-1961 AD, and it surrounded The wall was in West Germany, and it was a beginning made up of sand blocks and barbed wire, and with the advancement of years this was replaced by laminated concrete walls, barbed wire, and watchtowers with a height of 5 m, and an extension of 120 km around West Berlin, and the wall remained until 1989.

The Reichstag building

This government building is one of the most famous monuments in Berlin, and it was the place for holding the meetings of the Federal Assembly that constituted the Legislative Council in Germany, it was built and equipped in 1894 AD and the same events that affected Germany over the years continued, and the building was affected as a result and became Abandoned at some point, but after the reunification of Germany with its western and eastern sides in 1990 AD it was restored and expanded in a new way, and it was converted into a hotel that attracts thousands of tourists annually.

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