Where are the most beautiful islands in the world located?

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When you decide to go on a distinctive tourist trip, you must think of going to the most beautiful places that help you enjoy your time, and perhaps the places where the sea helps to clear the mind from the concerns of life, and it is one of the most places that a person prefers to spend his trip in. If you, dear reader, love to know, search and get to know the beautiful places in the countries of the world, we offer you information about the most beautiful islands in the world based on surveys conducted for this purpose.

The most beautiful islands in the world

To visit the most beautiful islands in the world, we need to know their location and these islands:

Phuket Island in Thailand

Is an island located in the south of Thailand, and is distinguished from the rest of the world’s islands by the development of diving means, enabling visitors to dive and enjoy the view of marine creatures with ease and safety, aside from the scenic landscapes and services provided to visitors.

Capri, Italy

It is located to the south of the Italian capital, Rome, and is characterized by beautiful beaches and markets that capture the heart with its beauty. There are also many cafes and restaurants that offer the tastiest Italian meals while enjoying watching the sunset on the sea.

Island Barrier Reef in Australia

From the name of this island, it is clear that it is distinguished by the diversity of marine creatures in it, including coral, which has many forms and colors, and when diving into the sea of ​​this island, the visitor will be able to get acquainted with most of these beautiful and diverse creatures.

The island of Oahu in Hawaii, “America”

This island is characterized by its moderate climate throughout the year; it contains a beautiful nature, and this island originated from a volcano that rose from the depths of the seas, and when you walk around it the person will notice that it is vibrant all the time.

Bora Bora island in France

It is famous for the tropical forests, which increases the popularity of its climate in the winter, and it is also famous for the abundance of coconut trees, and many quiet huts were built over its sea, enabling the visitor to enjoy watching the sea close-up.

Island of Gozo, Malta

This island is characterized by the presence of temples, olive trees and huge rocks, which gives it calm and beauty at the same time.

Amber Cay Island in Central America

It is an island to the south of Mexico, and it has won the name of the first island in the world because it contains a large group of coral reefs and caves, as well as the tropical forests surrounded by waterfalls.

Langkawi Island in Malaysia

The island of Langkawi is one of the most beautiful islands of Malaysia, which is visited by tourists from different parts of the world, it is located in northwestern Malaysia, and is characterized by the wonderful nature, which belongs to the state of Kedah, which is close to the Thai border, and there is an airport that makes it easy for tourists to move to and from the capital.


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