Where is Hisham’s palace located?

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Hisham’s Palace

Hisham Palace is located in Palestine to the northern side of Jericho, built by the Umayyad caliph Hisham bin Abdul Malik bin Marwan, and this palace is a landmark of important monuments in Palestine. The Umayyad caliphs had an obsession with building palaces in the valleys away from the noise of the city, especially after the expansion of the lands of the Umayyad state, so it stretched from India to France, these palaces were not the seat of rule; rather, some of them were devoted to the rest and recuperation of the caliphs especially in hunting trips that were The caliph performed it with his entourage, and some of these lands were used as the headquarters of the soldiers to protect commercial caravans in the Badia, and some of these palaces were built with towers to monitor the Badia and wells to collect rain water for drinking. These palaces mentioned above consist of a group of buildings and basins, baths, gardens, rainwater collection wells, mosques and spacious halls. These palaces are usually composed of several layers, their rooms decorate the drawings and decorations and paving their floors with wonderful mosaics that attract the attention of each visitor .

A description of Hisham’s palace

A brief description of Hisham’s palace through the following points:

  • Around this palace is a large courtyard, and the entrance to the main palace on the eastern side is a corridor over which domes sit, built in which stone benches are decorated with stunningly beautiful stone motifs, dedicated to sitting guards and soldiers.
  • The ground floor contains a spacious hall to receive guests, and small rooms are used as restrooms for servants, and the hall also contains a mosque for the caliph, and in a part of the square there is a crypt that reaches the cold bathroom, and the most beautiful thing in the palace is the tree of life that was painted by the magnificent mosaic decorating the facade of the large hall.
  • The upper floor of the palace was dedicated to the caliph’s sleep, and the rooms of this floor were decorated with beautiful drawings and decorations, most of which are drawings and decorations of the types of plants that spread throughout the region. The water reached the palace rooms by closed channels from Ain Al-Duke and Ain Al-Nuaimeh located below Mount Quntala.
  • The area was exposed to an earthquake, and a large part of the building was destroyed and rebuilt during the Abbasids and the Ayyubid era, and the palace buildings were used as public facilities for the state.


Jericho is one of the oldest cities of Palestine and is considered one of the oldest cities in the world. It is located to the north of Al-Quds Al-Sharif, which is the eastern gate of Palestine, and it has a network of paved roads linking it to the West Bank, and it contains important archaeological landmarks such as: Jericho Hill, Deir Al-Qarnatul and Ain Al-Sultan. Hisham bin Abdul Malik Palace is an archaeological value of the city.


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