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Souq Waqif site

The Souq Waqif is considered, and although its construction was not from a long time ago, it is one of the most important markets of the traditional State of Qatar, and it is considered one of the most important features of the city of Doha, which is intended for tourists when they visit the country. The city of Doha is only inferred from the market by crossing the Al-Jasra region, and crossing the Grand Hamad Street, and finds the market welcome, opening its doors.


According to scholars and those interested in heritage in the State of Qatar, they see that the name Souq Waqif is due to this name, that in the old sellers were standing on the sides of the market to sell their goods, especially food, whether they are fish or even dates in which the Gulf region is famous, In addition to spices, which this market is the primary center for its presence in the region, not to mention the presence of some manufactured products such as clothing and other people’s requirements. The Souq Waqif combines the antiquity of the past and old originality within the framework of a newly established city and the era, and perhaps this is what distinguishes it and gives it to these Fame, as it is considered a Some of the heritage monuments in the city, in addition to being an important place for shopping, especially those popular handicrafts, in which the region is famous in general, especially the decoration and painting on daggers, in addition to the clothes, which are characterized by an ancient heritage character, tells the story of the Arab region in the past, and is a witness to the heritage Grandparents. Restaurants and cafes abound in this market, as it is considered an important place to provide delicious meals after a day of shopping, perhaps tired, to find that receiving customers starts first with providing excellent Arabic coffee, which indicates the generosity of hospitality and welcoming visitors, and then food dishes Delicious from oriental or even western food.

Opening times in the Souq Waqif

Souq Waqif has timings to open and close the market, according to the hours assigned to it, as we find it receiving visitors every day starting from ten in the morning and continuing until twelve noon, and the shops are closed for a period of rest for a period of four hours, to return to receive visitors again starting from the fourth hour in the afternoon And continues until ten o’clock in the evening, but most cafes and restaurants in Souq Waqif are not closed for rest, but rather we receive their customers for twenty-four hours continuously, where they offer the best foods, especially those in which the Gulf region is famous, in addition to the presence of For hookahs which is famous in the region, some of these restaurants offer musical and artistic programs, in addition to some folk festivals which give the market atmosphere of great traditional flavor.

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