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Groove holders

I mentioned in the Noble Qur’an a story that indicates strong faith and steadfastness to the truth, and it is the story of the owners of the groove. ? And where is this groove?

History tells of a period in which an unjust ruler in the land of Yemen ruled from the dynasty of the Donkey kings, and this king was called Nawas; the last of the Himyarite kings was an incident that occurred during his reign in the year 520 AD, an event that led to the people of Najran believing in Christianity, and this story speaks On the part of a boy whom God Almighty assigned and chosen from among the people, and this boy was clearing the grief, the leper, and the sick, by the grace of God Almighty, and it happened that a man who had been treated by the boy had entered the unjust king with pendulum, and when the king saw that he was cured of his illness, he said to him who Your lips? My Lord God said to him, and he said to him, I said, No, but Lord of the worlds, and he remained with him until he indicated the boy who healed him, so he came with the boy, and the king could not kill him despite his repeated attempts, until the boy told him that you will not succeed in killing me until you do what I tell you, which is to put me on a trunk, then gather people in one level, then take out an arrow from my nest and say in the name of God, Lord of the boy, and throw the arrow.

After that he threw the arrow and hit the boy, so he died, and the people chanted, believing in the Lord of the boy, then the king ordered the gathering of people who believed and the grooves were dug for them and threatened each of them to turn back from their religion or face the fate of death burning in the grooves. Tens of thousands of believers went in this massacre Those who are patient, whose blood is streaked, are heroic in their patience with faith.

Groove site

The city in which the people of the groove was a city located in the southern part of the city of Najran and about twenty-five kilometers away from it, and it is a city with a long history revealed by the excavations that took place in it, and showed the presence of many pots, jewelry, jewelry and historical inscriptions, and the area of ​​the city of the groove is approximately four kilometers Square, and that city remained for long periods owed to the Christian religion until Islam came, and its people were given the choice between Islam, war or tribute, and a Christian delegation from Najran presented the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him in the year of delegations, and chose to pay tribute while remaining on their religion.

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