Where is the headquarters of UNESCO

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Human rights organizations

There are many organizations that advocate for human rights and try to defend them. With development and openness, human rights protection organizations have become one of the organizations with the greatest authority and influence in the decisions of states. They are in their injustice and their seizure of the rights of some, but with these organizations there is an outlet for those who feel injustice in obtaining their right or bringing the oppressor to account, and the oppressor may be a specific person, or a state represented by a certain person.
Among these organizations is UNESCO, what is UNESCO and where is its headquarters? This is what we will highlight in our article.


UNESCO is an acronym for the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. It was founded in 1945, and is affiliated with the United Nations. UNESCO consists of 193 member states, and there are eight associate member states.

UNESCO headquarters

The main headquarters of UNESCO was opened in Paris, the capital of the French state in 1958 AD, but it has many offices that represent it in various countries of the world as it ensures the implementation of its goals in those countries and regions.

UNESCO goals

  • UNESCO searches for peace and security and tries to spread it in various countries of the world. It rejects injustice and wars. It is also concerned with defending human rights, achieving justice and getting rid of injustice.
  • The organization tries to improve people’s standard of living and stimulate economic and social progress, to provide them with the simplest form of a healthy life for them.

International Heritage Sites Project

UNESCO has presented a project for world heritage sites, as when you find a site that meets the conditions of the project, it includes it from among the world heritage sites, which protects it and preserves it from destruction. This project was launched in 1972 AD after the signing of the agreement to protect the world cultural and natural heritage.

This project is concerned with natural sites such as mountains and forests, and man-made sites such as buildings and cities, and the site that is added is considered the property of the country in which it is located, but gets international attention in order to preserve it and try to restore it, and protect it from extinction and destruction, and the number has reached so far To 878 sites divided as follows: 679 cultural properties, 174 natural sites, and 25 sites bearing the natural and cultural character, and the state can enter more than one location; Italy, for example, holds the largest number of these sites, and from the Arab sites Petra in Jordan, and the Kasbah neighborhood In Algeria, the Citadel of the Knights and the Citadel of Salah al-Din in Syria, the ancient city of Samarra in Iraq, the Moroccan city of Fez, and the archaeological site of Carthage in Tunisia.


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