Depending on the breadth of the world, your desire to explore, enjoy and enjoy tourism should be in every part of it, for each place has its own charm, distinguished history and positive energy that it gives to its visitors. Therefore, in this article we will present to you the countries that rise to the World Tourism Exchange for the new year 2020 until you start planning to visit from now on.

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Tourism in Iceland differs from other European countries due to the geographical isolation of the country, which helped it to provide a cultural and civilizational product distinct from all of the continent. Nature in Iceland plays the most prominent role among the elements of tourist attractions, there only you can enjoy skiing on frozen lakes and diving in hot water springs, and there Only the sun rises in the middle of the night and the night stays for several months!


In contrast to Iceland, the distinguished location of Slovenia in the heart of the European continent made it a point of contact with all cultures and civilizations and an important station where the peoples of the continent meet. Nature in Slovenia plays an important role in tourist attractions, on the one hand, most of the borders of Slovenia are natural borders like the Eastern Alps, the Adriatic and The Baltic Sea, on the other hand, the country has several unparalleled tourist attractions in the world, such as the “Triglav” National Park, the largest part of which is located in the Julian Alps region and is one of the places that tourists go for outdoor activities. Also, Slovenia is not without archaeological sites and Arueh such as the city of “Ptuj” east of Slovenia, which includes a large collection of historical monuments, where is one of the oldest country dating back to the stone ages.


Estonia is one of the unconventional tourist destinations in Europe and it is not famous for France, Italy or Spain, for example, but it remains one of the most beautiful countries in which the tourist can spend several days traveling between its ancient and modern historical monuments and its beautiful tourist islands. Tourism in Estonia is considered a recreational policy And healthy at the same time, where there are many cities that contain health clubs, spas and silt baths, so it is one of the most popular destinations for medical tourism in Europe.


Croatia is the tourist destination that lovers of beauty, beaches and water activities are searching for. Tourism depends in Croatia mainly on the many tourist islands, which number approximately 1000. Despite the many islands in Croatia, the tourist will not feel bored or repetitive about moving from one island to another, everyone Island of its own nature, independent personality and unique historical landmarks. One of the most famous tourist islands in Croatia is the island “Mlgate” and is the most green island in Croatia, where the forests cover vast areas of the island, and the island “Kornati”, a group of converging islands numbering more than 130 m island Olives, pine trees, vineyards and other plant phenomena belong to the Mediterranean region in addition to many rare trees.

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