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Tourist places in Zurich

Zurich is the largest city in the Swiss state, and is the economic heart of the country, and contains many landmarks and places that attract tourists, including:


  • Grossmunster, one of the oldest churches, is located near Lake Zurich.
  • St. Peter’s Church.
  • The Emperor Charlemagne Church.


  • Kunsthaus Museum.
  • Swiss National Museum.
  • Barengasse Museum.
  • Rietberg Museum.
  • Bellerive Museum.
  • Migros Museum.
  • Design Museum.

History of Medicine Museum.

  • Johan Jacobs Museum.
  • The construction museum (Haus Konstruktiv).
  • Johanna spyri museum.
  • North American Indigenous Museum (NONAM).

Other tourist places

  • Lindenhof with Romen castle and medieval castle.
  • Altstada which is the old city.
  • The Syndicate House, which is located along the riverbed from Grossmunster.
  • Bahnhofstrasse Street.
  • Zurich Zoo.
  • Botanical garden of the University of Zurich (botanical garden).
  • Chinese Garden.
  • Parade platz square.
  • Neo Oerlikon, part of Zurich
  • TV tower.

NO Show Museum in Zurich

It is a new museum of its kind that displays empty frames without pictures inside, and it contains completely empty rooms, and its aim is to promote art and promote the idea of ​​the art of nothing, so the museum displays the nothing and its forms, as it displays conceptual art, theatrical works, movies, literature, photography and others that It is based on the idea of ​​nothing. The museum was founded by Andreas Heuser, and the museum “Nothing” currently runs the museum, and all its members work voluntarily. Membership in the museum can be obtained upon payment of a fee of $ 75.


Switzerland is located in the continent of Europe, and covers an area of ​​39,997 square kilometers of land and 1,280 square kilometers of water, and Switzerland ranks 137 in the list of the largest countries in the world. The population of the population, according to statistics in 2012, is approximately 7,655,628 people, with a population density of 191 people per square kilometer.

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