7 amazing facts about Bangkok

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Bangkok is known for its fine restaurants, markets and scenic nature, and it is an ideal destination for all travelers. It is worth noting that tourism thrives year after year thanks to a large number of interesting places such as Lumbini Park, Safari World, National Museum of Bangkok, Dusit Zoo, Swan Pakkad Palace and others.
Here are some interesting facts about this city.

1. The longest name for a city in the world

Even if you know the full name of the city of Bangkok, you certainly will not be able to pronounce it easily: “Crontebe Mahanikon The security of the Mahnitra decreases gives Mahdelik Bop the tones of Rachani Purerum Admirchniyot Mahsatan the security of the homeland of the state of Sakti and your weight with a header”.
This name has entered the Guinness Book of Records in the world as the longest name for a place in the world!

2. The largest weekly market in the world

Prepare to visit the world’s largest weekly market, the Chatuchak Market located in the city center. The market area is more than 27 hectares, and is divided into 27 sections, in which it offers great offers and delicious cuisine, so it is one of the places where your trip to Bangkok will not be complete without visiting.

3. The city that is sinking

Did you know that this city has a high water level of between 2 and 2.5 cm per year, thanks to the continuous development and sea level rise? The researchers say that over the next 15 years, it could be completely submerged! So if you are planning to visit Bangkok then there is no better time than now.

4. Strangest laws!

If there is a prize for the strangest laws, Bangkok or Thailand will easily win it. For example, running over the Thai currency is a violation of the law, and you are committing a crime if you leave your home without wearing underwear, and you must wear a shirt while driving a car, in addition to other laws, perhaps the most prominent of which is that one must completely refrain from uttering any phrases It offends the king and the Thai royal family, as offending to them may be from 3 to 15 years in prison.

5. The largest golden statue of Buddha

The name Bangkok is associated with exaggerated luxury, so it is not surprising that there is the largest golden statue of Buddha in the world. The statue is 2.7 meters long and weighs five and a half tons, the estimated value of this beautiful artwork is US $ 250 million.

6. The city of millionaires

The elite of Thai society live in Bangkok, while there are about 200,000 millionaires in Thailand, 95 percent of them live in Bangkok alone!

7. The need for permits to take certain matters outside the country

Bangkok is a great shopping destination, but if you intend to buy specific things like Buddha photos or religious antiques, you must make sure you get all the necessary permits and documents before you head to the airport, otherwise you will not be allowed to take them with you.


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