Detailed information about Al Salam Garden, Riyadh, Al Salam Garden was established in 1424 AH, where the Supreme Commission for Development in Riyadh has endeavored to develop the green zone and make it aim to serve citizens to spend enjoyable and wonderful times amid stunning landscapes. Arab travelers help you to know the most important activities that can be practiced in Peace Park in Riyadh.

Peace Park, Riyadh

The Kingdom established the park on an area of ​​312 thousand square meters, which helped it to obtain the bronze award for environmental and recreational projects, which was held among the international awards for this competition, and is characterized by its location close to the palace of governance in the Kingdom, mediating both King Fahd Road and Tariq bin Ziyad Street, Peace Street and also Asir Street, which is considered in the center of the capital its beauty center, and there are a lot of activities and places, which make it the preferred destination for most individuals, it is a suitable place for gathering family or family members or even youth gatherings, and it is one of the most beautiful parks not in Riyadh Just that A whole in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Recreational activities inside the Peace Park

Green space

Peace Park in the northern part of it contains a lot of green spaces, which help you to enjoy wandering and seeing the natural scenery inside it, and you will notice a lot of palm trees, which can reach a number of palm trees, and allow you the opportunity to sit on the green and enjoy the open air and provide you with Shade and appropriate protection from the sun, without the need to search for places designated for protection by the sun, and they recently added a lot of trees planted inside the garden.

Lake District

There you will also see a large artificial lake that has been excavated and constructed at a distance of 5 meters, which can accommodate 140 thousand square meters of water. Layers of carefully laid paved mud inside and coated with insulating material so as not to contaminate the garden water, and all the necessary equipment has been put in place. In order to keep this lake to prevent the proliferation of insects and mosquitoes in them, and also to limit the growth of algae, which of course will be affected by water from their growth, there is a fountain lit at the center of the lake at night that gives more beauty and magic to the lake, also it is possible to ride boats and wander around the sea to enjoy its natural scenery, and also There are some games For water that will enjoy them much younger.

Pass Buildings

Surrounded by all aspects of the lake, a pedestrian walkway, which extends up to 10 meters in width, reaching a kilometer in length, passes through many parts of the lake, and helps you to walk around the lake and enjoy its views, and also through hobby biking, whether for adults or children.

Hillside area

There is a region in the middle of the lake called the hillside region, where there are many small hills with large green areas, it has a beautiful aesthetic shape that adds to the garden a mix of beauty, which you can lick over to see the entire garden from a higher angle.

Natural environment area

The park in the southeastern part of the park includes a park called the natural environment area, in which there is a certain category of animals specially chosen to suit the general atmosphere of the park such as horses, and there is also a group of birds that live inside the park, and they are patronized by placing dedicated guides to serve visitors on the park , And take care of the animals and birds in them.

Other services in the garden

The park contains four places designated for the establishment of prayer, toilets for women and men, and there are also places to sell snacks, places to sell tickets for different water games, and for boat rides as well. The park also has a dedicated car park designed to contain approximately 350 cars, and wraps around the park The whole is a large passageway for running or walking.

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