1- Small beaches in Beni Abeid:
These small, hard-to-reach beaches in the village of Beni-Abeid are among the most beautiful natural places that can be seen on the ground, as there are dense green forests mixed with clean golden sand and blue water.
These beaches are located in the east of the state capital, 55 km away on the Skikda border.

2- The Red Beach:
There is a large number of monkeys on the Corniche Road that a visitor can enjoy watching. There is also a beautiful island off the beach, which cannot go without being seen.
This beach is located in the municipality of Ziyama Mansourieh, which is the origin of coastal beauty in, and the beach is called by the name of La Plage Rouge.

3- Al Manara Grand Beach:
The Great Beach of Al-Manar was built on top of Ghuraigat in 1867 and it is considered one of the most important tourist attractions in Algeria, where large numbers of tourists come from different classes and nationalities.
It is only six kilometers from the state capital

4- Aftis Beach:
It is also called Lisa Vitesse, located in the municipality of Al-Awana, just thirty kilometers from the state capital, Jijel.
– One of the most beautiful activities in this beach to visit the mountains and forests near the Corniche is to see the islands scattered around the sea, and camping is possible in the middle of the wonderful nature

5- Wonderful Caves Beach:
The wonderful caves are one of the magical wonders in Algeria, and when visiting it, you can see the wonderful mountains that extend east towards Ziama Mansourieh.
When visiting this beach, you can enjoy watching the national park sometimes, and go on the excursions of the valley that empties the sea.

6- Creek Creek:
This bay is located on the national road No. 43, where this road connects Jijel to Bejaia, and the small bay is located near the Great Manar and near the mountain of Queen Mazgitan, the bay is characterized by its small area, golden sands and rocks that are loved by adventure lovers and young people.

7- Al-Walajah Beach:
One of the most beautiful beaches in Algeria, located in the municipality of Ziyama Mansourieh, 42 kilometers west of the state capital. 8- Andrew Beach, Blida Tower:
It was called in the past for Andrew Beach in Al-Awana Municipality, then its name became Andrew Beach Blida Tower. The beach contains a beautiful tourist island where you can swim, reach and enjoy calm and relaxation.

9 – Black Rock Beach:
It is also called the beach of Roche Noire and is located in the west of Andrew Beach, adjacent to it and it is a beautiful and quiet place very suitable for fans of rocky beaches, and there are two other beaches near the east and west.

10- Sidi Abdel Aziz Beach
It is located thirty kilometers from the capital of the Corniche, Sidi Abdel Aziz, and next to it to the east is Sakhr Al-Balah Beach

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