Baghdad Tourist Island

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Baghdad Tourist Island

Tourist island of Baghdad is one of the islands located in the middle of the immortal Tigris River, and is about 20 kilometers from the northern side of Baghdad, specifically in the Al-Fahhama area in the middle of the many orchards and trees and abundant, and this island was established as one of the tourism projects in the year 1983 AD, by YII , Who holds Finnish citizenship and is affiliated with the Municipality of Baghdad.

The area of ​​the island

Baghdad Tourist Island is distinguished by its establishment on a large area of ​​land estimated at about 500 acres, meaning that its total area is about 1250000 square meters, and part of this area goes to the lake in it, which is characterized by its beauty and magnificence, where its area is estimated at about 20,000 square kilometers, in addition to that The vast majority of its area is suitable for cultivation, because its soil is a permanent sedimentary soil covered with vegetation and many trees.

Visitors to the island

Baghdad Island is one of the islands that accommodates large numbers of visitors who flock to enjoy its beautiful atmosphere and scenery, and the number of visitors that this island accommodates to about 2000 visitors, and this scale is very close to the international standard for green areas, and this island is characterized by the presence of three main entrances; the entrance is On the northern side of the island, and the main entrance on the southern side, in addition to the entrance in the middle.

Island features

Baghdad Island is considered one of the entertainment places through which the visitor gets the pleasure of hiking, amusement and entertainment, and this island contains a place for rest, which is characterized by the presence of fourteen rooms for rent by the new grooms, in addition to containing a large size hall, and a bar that can seat sixty people, And the Ziryab restaurant hall, which accommodates 160 people.

This room contains special interpretation devices, devoted to holding large conferences and meetings, and the island contains a place dedicated to the sauna, swimming pool and kitchen of a large size, all these matters have made this island a place that attracts large numbers of visitors, in order to provide all the services and requirements that are needed The visitor.

Island restaurants

Baghdad Island contains many restaurants, the most important of which are:

  • Baghdad Island Restaurant This restaurant accommodates about 165 people, and it is distinguished for providing four-star services to its visitors.
  • Fish Restaurant, with a capacity of about 110 people, is one of the four-star restaurants.
  • The river restaurant, which is one of the restaurants that can accommodate about 110 people, in addition to being a four-star restaurant.
  • The family restaurant, with a capacity for about 230 people, is a three-star restaurant.
  • Ziryab Restaurant, this restaurant can accommodate about 250 people, in addition to that it is one of the restaurants that provide four-star services.
  • Al Bulank Cafeteria, this cafeteria provides three stars services.

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