New guide for the best tourist country for children 2020, many children need to enjoy their vacation times by spending their weekly or annual vacation in a place that helps them get rid of the stress and work that they were doing during the study, and many parents are keen to choose a suitable family place that gathers what Between children’s entertainment and adult enjoyment, Arab travelers will present to you in today’s article a guide to some places that will help you spend a pleasant trip, as well as you will learn through our article today on the site of Arab travelers on the best tourist country that suits your children, so follow us.

Best tourist country for children

First: Tourism in Canada for children

  • Canada contains the city of “Galaxy Land”, which is considered one of the largest indoor amusement parks in the world. It also includes integrated water parks and swimming pools that suit children of all ages. Games are not limited to children only, but parents can share their children when playing with them. .
  • Entertainment places in Canada are not limited to the city of “Galaxy Land”, but also include “Ice Palace”, through which children can enjoy with their parents skiing.
  • And when you need to get comfortable, it is really fun to go to the “Fantasy Land” hotel, or what is known as the land of imagination, which is inside the city “Galaxy Land”, which helps not to waste our children’s time in transfers that reduce the time of enjoyment.

Second: The most beautiful places of tourism in America for children

  • Nikolodian is considered one of the most famous institutions that concern children in the United States and the whole world, as the institution includes many playgrounds that help in the recreation of children.
  • It also includes a children’s resort that helps a lot to get rest and relaxation.
  • Nicolodian is not without shopping centers and 4D cinemas that make the child feel as if the movie champions around him in the cinema hall.
  • This institution contains picturesque water parks that help parents participate in the enjoyment of water games for children.
  • And the matter does not end, so you should visit the Museum of Ninja Turtles, which your child will be very impressed with.
  • And if it is time for bed, the Foundation Hotel is preparing to receive you.

Third: The most beautiful places for children in Switzerland to visit:

  • The white pod in Switzerland is a place specializing in skiing, and it is one of the best places to help you spend a great time with your children.
  • The white pod was able to obtain the title of the best places of tourism in 2005, as it is one of the innovative ideas in the entertainment of children.
  • The white pod overlooks green mountainous pastures, creating a wonderful beauty that children enjoy.
  • Kids with a great sense of adventure will love this place so much.

Fourth: Tourism in Turkey for children

  • Turkey includes a very large water games city called “Aqua Fantasy” or what is known as the water craze, which can receive more than five thousand visitors per day due to its large area.
  • “Aqua Fantasy” includes a number of swimming pools that were designed in the form of castles and palaces.
  • It also organizes many special shows for children and presents them with real stories in the form of movies and games, which belong to them a spirit of intelligence and speed of learning.

Fifth: Tourism in Greece for families and children

  • Greece has a village that is considered one of the best places that children can visit, and it is the village of Rhodes Vacations, which is about one hundred and fifty meters away from the beaches of Colombia.
  • This village is one of the best resorts that are characterized by great luxury and comfort and also includes many activities for children.
  • It is one of the villages that has been designed to suit the environment.
  • Children enjoy it where they can see the animation, and the child can also play football, volleyball, and shooting games, as well as not without water games.

Sixth: Tourism in France for children

  • Who among us does not dream of visiting Disneyland in Paris, France, as it is one of the places the big and small want to go and enjoy the games in it, as soon as you enter the Disney world you will feel that you live in a world of imagination, where the cartoon heroes and the famous Disney characters take you.
  • Disneyland includes markets where your children can get many Disney products that they love.
  • Also, your children can wander around Disneyland Gardens and eat in the most famous restaurants in it.
  • And do not forget to give them some memorial photos because it is a visit that will remain in their minds, no matter how old they are.

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