Boracay Island

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Boracay Island

Boracay Island located in the Philippines is one of the best tourist places in it, the beach is only 7 km long, but it is characterized by great growth and development, in addition to the beauty of the beaches, and it contains many hotels, restaurants and places of diving on the banks of the island, and the island is a region Attractive to tourists, particularly from across Asia.

Best places to visit on Boracay Island

Ariel Point

You can visit the Ariel Point in the Boracay Island, which is characterized by its elevation and can be diving or water sports, and the visitor can move in the boats in the area to take him to the other side so that he can climb mountains, dive or rowing, There are also restaurants that offer exotic lunches and open cafes.

White beach

The main beach on Boracay Island is called the white beach, and this beach is known for its soft white sand, sparkling blue water, and coconut trees. It is 4 km long, and it contains hotels, restaurants, and shopping places. The area is divided into three stations, each of which is distinguished by an order, and the first station It is the upscale area, while the second station contains restaurants and shopping areas, and the third station is known for its calmness and freedom from the noisy nightlife.

Things to do on Boracay Island

Learn cooking on Boracay Island

The visitor can make his trip more special by returning home and he has learned some cooking skills, and there are morning cooking classes on the island supervised by a Filipino chef, who accompanies students to the market to collect the fresh ingredients that are required in the kitchen, and then return to the kitchen and learn two types of main dishes The dessert, in addition to that most of the cooking classes send a digital or printed cookbook to their students so that you can cook in traditional Filipino ways.

Take a stroll in the cart

Some people prefer to stay away from the water, and these people can rent private cars to go out to the dirt roads and hills, and wander around for a few hours, where you can explore the area, visit neighboring restaurants, and enjoy delicious seafood and traditional Filipino dishes, and the visitor can also go up to the top Top on the island to enjoy stunning views of the island.


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