Trabzon is one of the important tourist destinations in Turkey, due to the diversity of its features and stunning scenery, and Trabzon receives a large number of tourists every year, and this is what makes local car rental agencies provide the possibility to rent cars for tourists to use while they are in the city, and of course, rent a private car throughout your trip It is easier and better than relying on public transportation, and it is also best to make a reservation online prior to arrival, to ensure the possibility of booking and the conditions that apply to you before traveling.
But before you rent a car you must first know what conditions are required to do so, and together we will review the conditions and how to rent a car in Trabzon.

How to rent a car in Trabzon

There are many websites that may allow you to rent a car before traveling, but you must own:
Driving license: Of course before renting a car in Trabzon you must have an international driving license, otherwise you will not be able to obtain a rental car, and if you do not have an international driving license, you may prefer to rent a car with a private driver.
Visa: Most car agencies require your visa information when booking, but most agencies do not deduct rental costs, except upon arrival and receipt, and there are some agencies that allow you to pay in cash upon receiving the vehicle.

Important tips to keep in mind when renting a car in Trabzon

You must choose a company that has a good rating when booking, and you can learn about the advantages and disadvantages of companies through customer comments online or through the experiences of friends.
You must read the Company’s Terms and Conditions of Use or at least say apply for the reservation.
If you do not have an international license or do not want to drive, ask the company to provide you with a car with a private driver for an additional amount added to the original rental cost.
Review the insurance terms for each company so that you do not have to pay a large amount, if a malfunction or defect occurred in one of the parts of the car during your rental period, and make sure before receiving the car that it contains a fire extinguisher and spare tires, and make sure that the air conditioning works well, and do not receive the car if It has any defect or if it differs from the type that you pre-booked prior to arrival.
Check the fuel tank and make sure it is full and ask where to refuel, and also ask if you have to fill the tank with fuel before returning the car to the agency.
Finally, try to book the car early, as early reservations may allow you to benefit from several price discounts.

Tips to consider when driving in Trabzon

Be sure to wear a seatbelt when driving so that you are safe and do not subject yourself to financial penalties.
Also, try not to speak on the phone while driving, as this may harm your safety and may also put you under the law.
Children under 12 years old should sit in the back seat of a car, and make sure to fasten seat belts to keep them safe.

The most important car rental companies in Trabzon

Rent-Go Company

Rent Go is one of the companies that got very good credit from its previous clients, and it is considered one of the best companies that provide car service in Trabzon online.


Aves obtained a rating of 7.7 from its clients due to its speed in providing the service as well as the quality and cleanliness of the cars it offers to its customers, therefore it is one of the best car rental companies in Trabzon.

Budget Company

Budget has received a rating of 7.2 by about 3 million people due to the ease in receiving and delivering the vehicle.

Enterprise Company

This company has been evaluated very well by its customers, but what distinguishes this company is that it delivers the car at Trabzon Airport, meaning that you will receive the car once you reach the airport.
You can reserve any car from any of the previous companies by phone through the number 0800 000 9581 and this service is available seven days a week except Friday from ten in the morning UK time until four in the evening.
Of course, if you cannot book online before traveling, you can always go to any office on arrival and book the car you need, but the disadvantage of this method is that there is a possibility that a car will not be available on your arrival.

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