Warner Bros. Abu Dhabi is one of the largest entertainment cities in the United Arab Emirates. The city is located on Yas Island in the capital. It was opened in 2020, and is one of the important tourist attractions in the emirate, and is preferred by all family members due to the activities they do in Warner Bros. And adventures that add joy and happiness to their day, there are a lot of cartoon characters in the city that everyone loves, as those characters are translated into our real world, and in the following lines we show you through Arab travelers the best activities that visitors in Warner Brothers add to To the dates of the work of the city and entry prices.

Warner Brothers Abu Dhabi

times of work

  • The doors of Warner Brothers are open from ten o’clock in the morning until eight o’clock in the evening from Saturday to Wednesday.
  • As for Thursdays and Fridays, work hours start from ten in the morning until ten in the evening.
  • For inquiries, you can call 600511115, or email them [email protected]

Warner Brothers Abu Dhabi tickets prices

  • A one-day entry ticket fee for one person is AED 295.
  • Entry fee for two full-day Yas Islands for one person is AED 395.
  • Two-day entry fee for two full days for one person is 435 AED.
  • Whereas, a three-day entry fee for three different cities for one person is AED 545.

Noticeable: There is a discount on tickets when you book your ticket through the city’s website from here.

Fun activities at Werner Brothers Abu Dhabi

Warner Brothers gaming world is divided into six places that cover an area of ​​1.6 million square feet, and these places include a lot of fun activities and interesting games in addition to the various events and events that are suitable for adults and children, and the city areas on Warner Brothers Plaza, Dynamite Gulch, Gotham City, Bedrock, Metropolis, Cardboard Junction, and in the following lines we will provide a brief summary of these sections.

Warner Brothers Plaza

This region was designed along the lines of the golden age in Hollywood, and there are a lot of Warner Brothers studios, in addition to the theaters that are abundant in the streets, which are distinguished by the distinctive architectural design and lighting that give beauty to these theaters. Everyone by the cartoon character Bugs Bunny.

Gotham City

This region was designed in a way that makes it dark, depressing and deserted, where visitors feel the dramatic atmosphere, to suit the hero of the region Bat Man, the famous investigator who solves issues and understanding puzzles, so visitors feel that they are inside the world of Bat Man and merge into his atmosphere, and many shows are held for personalities Others like Harley Quinn and the Joker.


In that area of ​​the city, the super hero Super Man and the Justice League team are working to protect people and provide them with security against dangers, as the super man fights the bad guys with the help of The Flash, Wonder Man and Green Lantern in confronting the city’s enemies, so that its visitors can enjoy safety throughout their journey.

Cartons Junction

In that area of ​​the city, we see cartoon characters in cartoon Junction on the ground, and spend a wonderful adventure solving issues and discovering secrets, and in this region stands out Tom and Jerry’s beloved characters, and the character Rabbit Bugs Bunny, in addition to Scooby-Doo and his companions.


This area of ​​the city was built with designs that make it resemble the Stone Age, which simulates the famous cartoon cartoon and everyone’s favorite Flintstones and Ryle, to show all members of this cartoon such as Fred, Wilma, Uncle Barney, Papam and Pebbles, and visitors see their adventures and their rituals of prehistoric life.

dynamite Gallach

In this region there are a lot of games that suit all ages, all games full of movement, excitement and adventure in an area designed to resemble the desert in its composition, and all the games in it simulate animated and cartoon films.

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