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The number of hours needed to travel from Riyadh to Moscow

The shortest air distance between the city of Riyadh, which is located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the city of Moscow, which is located in Russia, is 2,193 miles; that is, equivalent to 3,529 kilometers, and if a person travels in an aircraft with an average speed of 560 miles to travel between the two cities, it will take an estimated time of 4 Hours and 32 minutes, and it is worth noting that Riyadh is on the longitude 46.72185, the latitude 24.68773, and rises 612 meters above sea level, and as Moscow is located on the longitude 37.61730, the latitude 55.75583, and rises 152 meters above sea level.


Riyadh is the capital of Saudi Arabia and the capital of the province with the same name in the southern Najd region, and it includes many important landmarks such as: the old mud-built fortress of Mosul, the headquarters of the Gulf Cooperation Council, the new King’s complex called Al Yamama Palace, and King Saud University that was founded in In 1957 AD, it is the oldest university in the Kingdom, and Riyadh also includes Imam Muhammad bin Saud University, one of the three Islamic universities in Saudi Arabia.


Moscow is the capital of Russia in the western part of the country, on the banks of the Moskva River, and it is located entirely on the European continent, which is the coldest and far north and largest city on the surface of the globe, and the city ranks eleventh in terms of population among the cities of the world, with a population of 12.3 million people, and as Russia is the largest and most populous city, the majority of the population embraces the Christian religion, and most of them follow the Russian Orthodox community, and there are also in Moscow some of the population who convert to Islam, Judaism, Buddhism and Hinduism, and as for the economy, the total regional product of the city is Turn $ 250 billion, and per capita of $ 20,500.

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