How the Andes Mountains formed, the Andes mountain range is one of the longest mountain ranges in the world, and is considered one of the most beautiful and magical places on the planet, and it is the perfect place for fans of interesting and enjoyable adventures, and the Andes mountain range passes in seven countries and they are Argentina, Ecuador, Venezuela, and Peru. Bolivia, Colombia, and Chile, and the mountains extend along the western coast of the continent of South America, reaching a length of about 7100 km, and a width of about 500 km, and an average height of 4000 meters, follow the following article in the Arab travelers to learn more information about the Andes series .

How the Andes Mountains were formed

  • Its name is derived from the name of the volcanic activity that causes its formation and it is the activity of Andesite volcanoes.
  • The reason for the Andes mountain range being named by this name is due to the activity of a type of absolute volcano of the Andesite in this region, which is the reason for the formation of these mountains.
  • The Aconcagua summit is the highest peak in the Andes, with a height of about 6959 meters.
  • The Andes cannot compare to the height of the Himalayas, yet are twice as long as the Himalayas.

Nature of the Andes

Southern area

The height of the Andes Mountains in the southern region is about 300 meters, and this will be on the southern side of the South American continent. The more you turn to the north, the higher the mountain peaks will rise. The southern region is located in Argentina and Chile.

Central Region

This region consists of 2 mountain ranges considered one of the broadest mountains in the Andes mountain range as a whole, and they include high and wide plains, as they extend from northwest to southeast, and Besses is the highest peak in the central region where it reaches a height of about 6779 meters This region includes Cordillery, Chile and Peru.

The northern area

The northern Andes region consists of three mountain ranges, and the largest peak in the northern elevation chains is the summit of Cristobal in the city of Colombia in the first series, and this region is located in Colombia, northern Ecuador, and Venezuela.

The most important thing that distinguishes the Andes mountain range from others

  • It is the largest mountain range on Earth.
  • The Andes range includes the Atacama Desert, which is famous for being the world’s most dry desert.
  • The highest active volcanoes in the world include “Ojos del Salado”, which is located on the border between the countries of Argentina and Chile.
  • Contains many species of endangered animals.
  • The Andes range is located above the Ring of Fire in the Indian Ocean.

Animals in the Andes

The Andes range includes a large number of animals that live along the chain in the various countries through which the mountains pass, in order to characterize these areas with an environmental climate suitable for a large number of animal strains.
There are 600 species of mammals in it, and a very large number of birds, which number about 1700 species, and about 400 species of different fish live in the water.

Among the most famous animals that live in the Andes Mountains:

  • Chinchilla This animal adapts to the environment in which it lives, as it is characterized by a fur that thickens when temperatures drop significantly, as it is characterized by its huge ability to jump and climb to be able to protect itself from the predators that live with him in the same environment.
  • Andean condor: It is considered one of the largest species of eagles in South America.
  • Gwanka: This animal is very large in the Andes, and ranges between 1 to 1.2 meters, and it is characterized by very thick skin in order to protect it from attacks by predators.
  • Llama, alpaca, or vicuna: It is a type of camel that is famous for its presence in the Andes region, as it is considered a primary source for eating meat in this region, and this type of animal is distinguished as peace-loving animals and coexist with all animals.

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