– Initially, which is the Schengen visa .. This visa is able to enter 26 countries in Europe (France – Germany – Spain – Italy – Austria – Belgium – Czech Republic – Denmark – Greece – Sweden – Norway – Netherlands – Hungary – Estonia – Finland – Iceland – Latvia – Lithuania – Luxembourg – Malta – Poland – Portugal – Liechtenstein – Slovakia – Slovenia – Switzerland).

Even if your Multiple Entry Schengen visa is able to enter 12 other countries, it is also not possible to Schengen in Europe without a prior visa from their embassy such as (Turkey – Romenia – Bulgaria – Georgia – Cyprus – Croatia – Serbia – Montenegro – Bosnia – Kosovo – Albania – Macedonia). You can enter Colombia in South America !!
– What is the difference between Single Entry visa and Multiple Entry visa, because some people understand the difference between them is wrong! .. The single visa does not mean that you enter but the country that issued you the visa does not enter a second country no, this means that you can enter the Schengen area in which there are 26 countries at one time. This means that it is possible for the single visa in your luggage to damage between the 26 countries, as you want As long as you exit from the Schengen and Visa regions, your purchase is valid, but if you stamp out and get out, your visa will remain, even if your visa is still valid! In contrast, for example, the Multiple Entry visa, you can enter it and enter from the Schengen area, as long as you want the visa as long as your visa is valid!
– If the first time to apply to Schengen often, the visa will notify you for the duration of your trip exactly, and the visa will take a single entry, with the exception of some embassies such as France, for example, not from the first time with 95% of people .. Looking for a visa will be a month and validity of 3 months, and the visa will look forward to Multiple Entry!
– If you want a visa to inform you for a long period, keep you with the embassies of the big countries in Europe, such as France, the Netherlands, Italy and Germany, and if you took the visa from any embassy of the countries, do not apply each time at the same embassy because every time the visa duration of your payment increases more than before. But most other embassies, even if you have 20 Shenzhen before, you will be visibly satisfied with the exact duration of your trip.
– 80% of the embassies of the Schengen countries are currently applying for visa remained through the offices of the embassy, ​​such as TLScontact and VFS Global, meaning there is no deal with embassies Direct Direct, I mean there is no interferon … The progress of your paper and salvation .. But sometimes some of the embassies after the application follow you, so that you can go to work in Intervio They have them at the embassy, ​​especially with people who do not have a white or first-time passport, such as the embassy of Switzerland, Hungary and Greece, for example, so that you can confirm the purpose of your visit and inquire about some needs on your paper, and sometimes other embassies request you and inquire from you via the phone, and do not leave the embassy!
– There is no need of its name, which is the easiest embassy to review, the Schengen visa. All of them have one system and the criteria for accepting or rejecting them are the same, but it is possible that any embassy says (the procedures for applying for a visa are easier). For example, the French embassy means I see that it is the most appropriate embassy if you are the first time to Shenzhen and wanting to accomplish means that it does not require a certificate of movements, such as all the embassies of the Schengen countries .. and the Embassy of Italy has a bit of luxury in it, because it requires more paper, such as the insurance paper, for example, and that your paper is an italyn translator and in certain translation offices, as well as the Greek embassy, ​​if it was the first time in your desks to apply to Visa is not a guarantee that you take the visa originally because it is Paid hotel reservation required! .. The difference in the application procedures, but for Visa, the criteria for admission and rejection are the same in all embassies, and your card is the one!
– If you travel to Europe before this is more sincerely than the embassies of the Schengen countries, it is not large, such as Latvia, Slovakia and Slovenia, for example, the small countries in general in Europe, because it is not logical that you will be traveling in Europe before this and one day you thought you would travel in Latvia, for example, it is not a tourist country Originally !! And all the big tourist countries in Europe like France, Italy and Spain, for example !! It is not logical. I mean .. the countries that have applied and the chance that you take a visa from them are very easy to have traveled to Europe as well so once before, and I met all the big countries and want to change and go to new countries .. but if once you progress, it will remain very very difficult that you take the Schengen visa On their way !
– If you do not travel before Europe or there is no respectable travel history on your passport, you are more sincere than applying for a visa through an invitation, especially at the present time, even if you have first-degree relatives of the righteousness .. The invitation is already a trap or similar to what Amr Badawi poison says in Honey ! .. Because the embassies believe that he does not apply to the visa by inviting him to this, he will not return on the basis of what the person means, so he will help you. He remained in the work and establishment and talk about this. So why do you come back to Egypt again .. So offer a normal and memorable tourism in the application that you know anyone in Europe .. Your chance that you offer regular tourism will remain greater than that of you, than you apply for a visa !!!
– If you did not travel before, try to apply with a group, and there will be people in the group who have traveled with Shenzhen before this … your chance will remain much greater than you submit on your own!
– The best time to apply for a visa in European embassies, if the first time from month 2 to the end of month 5 and from the month of 9 to mid 11 .. the times are not season .. because it does not remain in the pressure on the embassies contrary to what was presented in the summer nor in the 12 and 1 month remains There is a terrible pressure on the embassies and embassies, so there is a certain amount of visas that are issued every month, so when you apply in the high season, and you are white, for example, or your paper, it is not strong, so your chance will not be strong in obtaining a visa!
Any documents required for Visa Schengen Tourism: in order:
1- Your Passport should be valid for at least 6 months
2- Two pictures 4 x 6 or 3.5 x 4.5 with a white background, as required by the embassy
3 – A certificate of movements, if the first time was submitted to Shenzhen and travel to Europe before this from the Liberation Council for the last 7 years, a wave in the name of the embassy does not apply to the visa … this takes one to two weeks, so that you can look forward and possibly less or more than that!
4- An international health insurance certificate that is valid for the Schengen countries and covers the entire period of your stay in the Schengen area. The minimum insurance amount is 30 thousand euros, and you work with about 150 pounds, and it is possible for more or less depending on your age and the period of insurance that you requested and with all the names of insurance companies approved from each The embassies of the Schengen countries cannot view the document de (AMIG – Arab Orient Takaful – AROPE Insurance – Egyptian Saudi Insurance – Egyptian Takaful Insurance – Iskan Insurance – Mohandes Insurance – Suez Canal Insurance – Wethaq Takaful – Chartis Egypt- Alianz Egypt – BUPA Egypt – Delta Insurance – Gras Savoye / ACE Insurance – Misr Insurance – Chartis HSBC Premier Card – Nile General Takaful – CIS Egypt – Royal Insurance – Vanbreda International)
5- – If you are an employee, HR letter will come from the place you are not working in and it will be directed to the embassy you will not
– If you have a business for submitting a commercial register and a tax card, the date of the extracted from the commercial register is recent
– If he is not a student, he should submit a registration certificate from the university
6- A confirmed hotel reservation from Freekingation (some embassies do not accept Bookings reservations. The reservation must be from the hotel itself! .. Make sure the reservation is required by the embassy and you do not submit to it before the above)!
7- Initial flight reservation
8- A bank account statement for the last 6 months, and it will not be divided if it is a current account or savings .. In some embassies, you require a bank statement for the last 3 months, but like France and the Netherlands! . The best date to issue an account statement is that you have not received more than a week from the time your application was submitted for visa. Ordinary If you do not have an account statement, you submit the statement of account for your father or mother and it will be accepted as normal, of course, with a signed declaration from them that they are sponsoring all your expenses throughout the period of your stay in Europe!
9- Itinerary presents a paper explaining the itinerary of your journey, and the tourist program with you is friendly from my point of view. It is one of the most important papers that you do not present to the embassy, ​​especially if the first time you present on the Schengen is not clear to the consul, so the decision is made. You understand, you will go and do any in any town and I do not understand And come on a tourist and salvation visa, and I have a paper in which you write in a simple way places that you do not visit every day on your journey, it means the first day of such and this second day of the museum of such and of course, and so on, every day means for all the days of your journey .. you do not need details of the details, I mean, you do not write, for example I For the first time, Hurrouh breaks fast in such and such a restaurant For a period or details, I want to, but he knows the tourist places that you do not visit every day, since you see tourism, I would like to read the bill on this page. And if you would visit another country you would write, you would use any so that you go there, for example, a bus, no Qatar, and no aviation, but not so .. not all embassies This paper requires embassies and embassies to order, for example, France, and Hungary, but in all cases it is best to apply it, especially if it is the first time that you apply for a visa.
10- Of course, any Arabic paper on your paper must be translated into English or the language of the country, so you will not apply for a visa through it.
11- Visa fees are about 1700 pounds, for most embassies that do not deal with offices. As for the embassies that apply for visa, Direct Direct will remain with them. Visa fees remain around 1100 pounds, and some embassies, like Hungary, visa fees are paid in euros!
– It is not necessary for your passport to be full of visas in order to take the visa .. If your passport is white and you are not a passport worker a week before applying, your paper is correct and the purpose of travel is clear, you will take the visa in a large percentage, God willing. But of course, if you have strong visas on Passport like (America – Britain – Australia – Canada – or with you Shenzhen before this), your chance will remain greater, of course, how can I get a visa?
– It is not necessary for your account in the bank to be in a large amount, in order to take the visa .. Can your account be in 20 thousand pounds and take the visa and your account be in a large amount and refuse because there is no very normal movement. Or you do not put a large amount before applying for the visa with a length! . The most important need is the movement in a lot over the course of 6 months .. Some embassies require an account statement for the last 3 months, such as the French embassy, ​​for example .. I do not submit an account statement for the last 6 months, even if it is more than 6 months, so it is better as well, but the most important need is that the withdrawal and deposit movement is in a lot but Of course (everything that was the balance of your final account was large, all your chance remains greater, especially in the current days), but it generally means advice after the flotation was nice, and what happened to the pound, we tried to give up your account balance, not less than 40 thousand pounds!
– Not all embassies focus on the movement of the account with your sales .. In embassies that focus on the balance of your account as much as the Hungarian embassy, ​​Greece and Switzerland .. For example, the Hungarian embassy means two minimum limit workers for the amount that is not required in your account because you have to apply to the visa they have and it is not 25 thousand pounds even Your balance is less than that, and they will not accept your paper from scratch!
– You do not need to make a paid hotel reservation .. You can make a confirmed hotel reservation from the website and do it for free cancellation so that if God forbid, there is a problem with the visa, you can cancel the normal for free .. But the most important thing is the hotel reservation, the application of the embassy makes sense in your case. Physical means that your account will not be in the bank for 20 thousand pounds, for example, and you offer a one-day hotel reservation for 400 euros .. It is not logical, I mean!
– It is better that you do not book the embassy at the Mesh Hostel
– The most important thing is that hotels reservations make your own credit card with yours, and the amount in the card covers the costs of staying in the hotel, so that you can book with your money, because the hotels do a check on your card and sometimes you work for the amount of the residence or part of it, so if there is a problem with the card or there is not enough amount in the reservation card You will be excited within 24 hours!
– Do not use hotel reservations through tourism companies, because all reservations of tourism companies, these days, are canceled again on the first day, which means fake reservations, even if the embassy worked to doubt the reservation, and it became clear that reservation with your attentives, your chance in visa will remain very difficult!
– It is better if the first time you apply to the Schengen, the flight reservation of your goods is paid to prove the seriousness of travel to the country, which is not submitted to the Schengen through it because some people come to the Schengen from a certain embassy and do not travel originally. The country that you did not issue the visa for is better. Visa, especially if it is not presented at the embassy of the Schengen country, is not large, such as Hungary, the Czech Republic or Greece, for example! And in airlines such as EgyptAir, for example, it is possible to work through them with a paid reservation, even if God has a problem in the visa, it will make you cash for the check, and you will lose 200 pounds only! And I generally see that in any case, you are making a better paid reservation because everything you book in time for your travel time is all that the reservation remains cheaper and it is possible to differentiate with you in more than 1000 pounds in the price of the check when you see the visa, God willing!
– In people you say that if you go to a second country, the best one will be discussed and give up your trip, but in the country, you will not apply for a visa through it .. I respect all people, but you will not say that it is not possible for her experience to be higher than me in stages. I disagree with them on this point .. There is no pure relationship, and I am not affected by the final visa decision .. On the contrary, I see that it is better to be clear about your itinerary on your journey. I mean, you are not presented in France, and it is said that you are going to France, but you originally intended to leave France and the Netherlands, for example. .. Stay clear about the itinerary of your trip and make your reservations as usual in France and any other country. You will leave them as normal, and I see that I have more credibility when you come forward, and they understand that they are your manager. You can visit 26 countries in Europe and you, for example, will keep yourself visiting such. A country in Europe is not a single country, so it means normal. As for myself, there was no time when I came and I was saying that I am in the state, for example, I am applying for a visa in it, but .. I was not presenting reservations in other countries as usual and the same words with Leah friends. There is no problem with the group .. It is the most important need in the matter, because the state Do not apply for a visa through it, the length of stay in it will be more than any other country that you will visit together. And you do not need to make any domestic flight reservations in Europe even if it was a principle .. The most important need for international flight reservation is only for them!
– It is better for the state to enter the country that issued you a visa and take an entry or exit stamp, even if it is not possible for one hour to pass, especially if it was the first time that you took Shenzhen .. The most important need on your passport is to prove that you entered the country, which did not issue you a visa .. because you did not apply to the visa After that, God willing, your position will remain better, especially if you applied at the same embassy, ​​if you were not taking a visa from it the first time!
– Ordinary people, you take a visa and get conditions and travel. You do not refuse or enter the Black, which is not what you came after so long, and you do not need to inform the embassy so hard .. Normal that you get conditions in your work or your life, for example, that prevent you from traveling .. You always prove more originally to the embassy that you are linked With your work or your country more and more needs here is more important than traveling with you … In people you apply for a visa and do not travel, and when you apply for another visa at the same embassy, ​​you accept a very normal and take a longer period of violin! And I got with a lot of people.
– If I had taken a rejection before, or God forbid, I submitted and took a rejection, and I was presented in the embassy of a large Schengen country, like France, for example .. It is better to apply at the second French embassy, ​​or to apply at an embassy of the same level as France for example. Like Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, the countries that don’t try, when you want another progress, progress in the embassy of the Schengen country, not very much like Hungary, Poland, Czech, Greece, for example, the countries like this because because over 95% do not refuse, because the embassies de know the rest and take rejection from the big countries like France It is to come through them and take them as a station, meaning to travel to the country that refused, and it will not travel to their country at all, because a large percentage of them refuse again .. An embassy like Greece, for example, is currently not welcome or takes paper from the ground, which is rejected before so much from a large embassy and you say I can not accept you .. Need the embassy I refused you, it does not accept the first visa and talk Its happened with the people here in the group is!
– The seals on the Passport remain in entry and exit from the Schengen area, but there are no seals on domestic flights between the Schengen countries .. I mean, for example, you are with you Schengen from France and the traveler in Paris and booked on the italyn flight Alitalia, of course, you will be transferred to the first transit at the Rome airport, and Basbork will conclude entry to it in Rome It is not Paris, even if you are transit, but you will not enter Italy for one hour, and there is, of course, no stamp on the Passport in Paris, of course, because there is no Passport Control in domestic flights between the Schengen countries and the same words, and you see Egypt, you will have to exit in the last country you will exit from in the Schengen area! This is like what you are, for example, a flyer from Alexandria to Sharm El Sheikh. No one can tell you, where are you going, and where do you come from?
– Of course, you would want to take a stamp on your passport that you entered France because you did not apply to the visa after this, and in this case, of course, you will not remain in any stamp on your passport that you entered France .. in the case that you keep the boarding of your trip from Rome to Paris and the special payment receipt At the hotel you are not staying in Paris, and it will not be proof that you have actually entered France and that you apply them for the above on the visa after that, God willing.
– It is not a pure condition for the state to enter the country that issued you the first visa .. For example, I used to take the visa from France, and I want to visit Spain, for example, the first .. There is no problem, but you must have residency reservations in France, proving that you will go to France after your visit to Spain, because a passport officer may ask you about it On the basis that you originally took a visa from France and assumed that you were taking a visa in order for you to travel France … You must be preparing yourself because it is possible that you will enter and leave you, and this happens many times in German airports and people return!
– A very important point for people. Don’t be a return person from Europe. Tourism. By going ahead to Schengen the second time, the first thing that comes back is on the basis of what remained. I went, returned, and scratched and presented with the same paper. I was taken with the visa and the whole thing. Because I see people still returning from Europe and applying for a visa the first thing that comes back again, not a month later, and surprised that I took it, I refused again when it came .. What time, you group, you say you refuse me, it is not logical, I mean, there will still be a review of tourism from Europe and applying for the second visa first Returns. You would like to leave the embassy, ​​doubting you, because you are supposed to mean you have work and connections to your country and merchants .. So the first thing you need in the consul’s brain is that the decision does not take you to travel and find work, for example, or if you find someone who seizes you there so that you will stay and work, so you will return to the end of your ties to your country and Europe Again, Egypt will not return again. Of course, the visa will be rejected. At least you must take 4 months from the date of your return from Europe in order to apply for the second visa .. Galshan, the visa application remains logical to the embassy.

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