Traveling to Sweden

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How to travel to Sweden

Traveling to Sweden requires a different means of transport to reach it, and these include:

  • The Plane: Airplanes are the most comfortable means of transport to reach Sweden; the country has Stockholm International Airport, which is the main airport in the region, and there are other airports, including Gutenberg Landvetter Airport, Copenhagen Castrop Airport, Stockholm Skavsta Airport, Stockholm Vasteras Airport, Malmö Storp Airport, Also, Gutenberg City Airport.
  • the train: Sweden can be reached by riding the train, but it is required that the train be located in one of the following countries: Norway, Denmark, and Germany, where the arrival time takes less than half an hour, and trains are available from Copenhagen in Denmark to Malmo in Sweden, as well as trains from Copenhagen To Stockholm, as for Norway’s trains, a train can be taken from Oslo to Stockholm or Gothenburg, and from Germany trains run from Berlin to Malmo in Sweden.
  • The bus: Buses (Eurolines, Safflebussen) are among the options used to reach Sweden, and these buses run via Copenhagen to Sweden.
  • The boat: You can travel to Sweden by boat, where the Danish and German boats take the Stena, Scandlines line, while the Belgium, Russia and UK boats take the DFDS Tor line to reach Sweden.

It is a tourist attraction in Sweden

There are a number of places that every traveler must visit in Sweden, as follows:

  • Vasa Museum: It is one of the most attractive places for visitors in the country, where the museum receives more than a million passengers every year, and this museum is located on the island of Djurgarden, and the importance of the museum stems from the retention of a warship dating back to the seventeenth century, and the Vasa Museum provides an idea about the ancient European naval warfare During the presentation of the history of that ship.
  • Stockholm Metro: It is one of the main transportation systems used for the purpose of touring the city of Stockholm, and it is mentioned that the opening of this system was in the month of October of the year 1950 AD, and its length reached 65.7 km, and the number of passengers exceeds 300 million passengers annually, and is distinguished by the display of various artworks, and is the longest exhibition The artistic world.
  • Contemporary Photography Center: This center is located in the Södermalm district of Stockholm, and covers an area of ​​5,500 square meters. It is the largest in the city. The center attracts thousands of photography lovers. The center consists of a photo gallery, a souvenir shop and an award-winning restaurant.
  • Djurgaden: It is an island in the center of Stockholm, known as Kongljja Djurgarden, and contains a number of historical buildings, museums, galleries, as well as monuments, as well as an amusement park.


The state of Sweden is located on the northern side of the continent of Europe, on the Scandinavian peninsula, and it extends along the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Bothina, it is bordered on the western side by Norway, and on the eastern side by Finland, and the largest city in Sweden is the city of Stockholm which is the capital of the state, and Stockholm runs along the coast The country is ranked third in terms of being the largest country in the European Union, and Greater Sweden is a city of Goteborg and Malmo. Sweden is characterized by the development of its economy, the beauty of its natural environment, and its low population density.


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