The zoo in Frankfurt is one of the oldest zoos in all of Europe and not only Germany, and this park has a great and major role in protecting the environment and nature and plays a role in caring for wild animals, especially rare species, as it helped to preserve them against the extinction factors they face through Work to provide an environment that is similar to the basic environment in which animals lived, and the park contains more than 4,500 different types of animals, these animals are distributed over more than 450 different animal species, and the garden area is more than 11 hectares, and the number Limit visitors About one million visitors annually, where tourists come from all over the world, in order to visit and see the animals that are in it.

The most important information about the Frankfurt Zoo:

This park was established in 1858 in order to care for animals and put them in an environment similar to the original environment in which the animals lived, and the park is characterized by the beauty of its organization, which helps to see animals more clearly without obstacles and in a safe way, and this park is one of the most famous places in Germany.
The zoo is always keen to provide protection for animals against diseases that can infect animals such as bird flu, and in the event of any of the birds being infected, the garden staff isolates the sick animal to protect the rest of the animals, and provides care and diets that suit the sick animal.

Types of animals in the garden:

  • There are all kinds of animals in the garden, starting from very tall animals such as a giraffe with a height of 5.5 meters, through to a hippopotamus, which is one of the heaviest animals and weighing 2 tons, and there are very small animals such as mice and lemurs, and there are ants cut out of the foliage.
  • Perennial animals are among the most important and oldest zoo animals such as the bonobo chimpanzee which is known as Margaret and is one of the oldest animals in the park since it has been in it since 1959, which dates back to the year 1951 in the Congolese jungle.

The most important activities that can be done in the garden:

  • It is possible to enjoy seeing many animals while playing and eating food.
  • Enjoy seeing the Penguins Lake where penguins play and have fun.
  • Enjoy seeing very young animals like the mouse and the active lemur as they play and jump here and there.
  • Seeing a hippopotamus, which is one of the heaviest animals in the garden and weighing 2 tons at bedtime, sometimes where it is calm, and watching it when he wakes up where some birds play with him.
  • Enjoy seeing Margaret the most famous and oldest zoo in the park.
  • If you want to eat, you can go to the food carts in the garden that are interested in selling light and appropriate foods, or eat in the restaurant that serves delicious Mexican cuisine and enjoy the offers of preparing food directly.

Garden system:

  • The park administration is developing a strict, impossible-to-break system. All garden workers who number 150 in addition to many trainers all know what they are required to do at work, which is as follows:
  • Preparing food and animal food, through the provision of food and animal feed, at five o’clock in the morning work is being done on preparing food to be ready at seven and a half.
  • Modify and clean the equipment.
  • Providing all kinds of medical care to the animals in the garden.
  • In the garden there are many private workshops of electricians, carpenters and painters, in addition to that the garden has about 2.5 hectares devoted to flowers, trees, water plants, plants, and sap, besides all this, the garden has a space designated for cultivating many types of tropical plants.

Visit times at the Frankfurt Zoo:

The garden opens its doors every day at nine o’clock, and closes its doors at five o’clock in the winter days, while in the summer days the park closes its doors at seven in the evening, taking into account that pets and dogs do not enter until after informing the garden guide.

Entry tickets prices:

For adults, the price of entry tickets is 10 euros, while children between the ages of five and seventeen are worth five tickets. For the whole family, they can obtain a family card at a special price. The ticket is 25 euros.

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