Information about the most famous streets of Turkey, the upscale Baghdad Street in Istanbul. Istanbul abounds in streets of great importance, which carry a significant historical dimension. Among these streets highlights the importance of the upscale Baghdad Street as a unique tourist site, and the nature that attracts tourists from Turkey, and accordingly our article from the Arab travelers includes the event on the upscale Baghdad Street in Istanbul.

Istanbul’s tourist streets

  • The dominant feature of Istanbul’s tourist streets is the availability of opportunities for shopping, walks and enjoying the beauty of Turkish architecture, as well as eating and drinking in one of the restaurants and cafes.
  • Also, there is an opportunity for lovers to sit in the shade of trees on the wooden benches for some rest, or to eat while watching the movement details on the street, and review the details of the picnic plan.
  • The streets in Istanbul also enjoy the most important features of the folklore, which is shown in the sale of some shops and shops for Turkish folk cuisine, or souvenirs.
  • You can also search for entertainment and amusement parks located in these streets to share with your children some times of fun, or visit one of the Turkish baths to get a massage and relaxation.

Upscale Baghdad Street in Istanbul

  • This street was formerly linked between Constantinople and Anatolia during the period of Ottoman rule, and was used for military and commercial purposes.
  • As for his name, it came after Murad IV’s capture of Baghdad in 1638 CE.
  • Since the time of Sultan Abdul Hamid II, Baghdad Street has become one of the most prestigious residential areas in Istanbul, especially after the leaders of the community at that time were keen to purchase lands in order to build their palaces and homes near the Sultan’s Palace.
  • Baghdad Street is located on the Asian side and within the boundaries of the municipality of Kadikoy, and it extends to the borders of the Municipality of Malpah or Istanbul.
  • Given the parallel of Baghdad Street to the sea coast of the Sea of ​​Marmara, great importance appeared in making the street walk in one direction.
  • What makes the street look fabulous is the lining of the foothills on its sides, in addition to the upscale residential architecture.

Baghdad Street shopping

  • Baghdad Street has a high marketing value, as the spread of most of its retail stores in the open air throughout the week, including the afternoon on Sunday, has turned it into a major commercial center in Istanbul.
  • The most popular clothing, shoes and accessories stores in the street are also spread on the street.
  • Bridal shops are especially popular on Baghdad Street.
  • There is also the commercial street of Baghdad Street, which encourages opportunities for street visitors to shop in its widespread commercial stores.
  • There are also many hotels that are close to the street. There is the Windhan Hotel and the Sudai Hotel, which you will just stay with on foot to enjoy this vibrant street, day and night.
  • You can also buy your favorite flavor from one of the ice cream parlors there, to take it while you sit on one of the lined wooden stools on both sides of the road.

When will Baghdad Street shops be closed?

  • Despite continuing to work in all stores on Baghdad Street throughout the week, but Sunday is an exceptional day, and it is only used for retailers.
  • And do not think, because on the day of the holiday, the excursion will be enjoyable then, on the contrary. The beauty of Baghdad Street comes from its rustle and its enjoyment of life in various aspects of shopping and entertainment.

Preparing the plan before traveling, for entertainment, and to discover the most important things in the streets of Istanbul, Turkey, is really fun. The pleasure is always complete with the family or friends while strolling on a street that carries such high tourist value as Baghdad Street in Istanbul.

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