The city of Jubail is one of the largest industrial cities in the Kingdom, and it is considered one of the best provinces in which the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is famous for having the best commercial shopping malls and wonderful centers that include many malls, hotels, restaurants, children’s play centers and others, so we accompany you today with us through a migrated site to offer you The best compounds of Jubail.

Al – huwaylat shopping center:

Al - huwaylat shopping centerAl – huwaylat shopping center Al-huwailat complex is the largest mall in Jubail, and it contains a wonderful and unique library which is Jarir and Bandah library, and it includes a children’s play center, Applebee’s restaurant and various shops, it is a semi-integrated center and this is because it contains all what you need, It is located in the industrial Jubail Governorate, and provides you with all the important needs. It is also a great place for those who want to shop and buy needs, and it has large and spacious parking lots, and a very good system because it provides many and many needs for your family members, as well as a lot of Cafes and the best restaurants a For good. Read also: The best beaches in Jubail .. Learn about the great features of Jubail beaches

Galleria Mall Shopping Mall:

Jubail complexes - commercial mallsGalleria Mall – Galleria Mall is a small but very convenient and relaxing nerve mall, which includes many restaurants and cafes as well as underground parking spaces, outside the mall and very close to Fanateer Beach and is the best place to shop in Jubail, a complex not large as we mentioned, but it contains On two floors, with a very large and impressive summer foyer.Parking cars Car park – Galleria Mall There are also many galleries in Jubail Mall that contain clothes for women and children, various shoes and a comprehensive electronics store, accessories and watches shops. There is also a famous center called Express Center on the first floor is excellent and very cool, and on the second floor there is the largest group Wonderful fast restaurants, and an italyn restaurant, and there are varied dining sessions, which are very delicious on the Corniche, suitable and great for families in the large lobby, and there are a lot of games that are suitable for young and old, as electronic games look great and very fun.

Fanateer Mall for shopping in Jubail:

Fanateer Mall Fanateer Mall Fanateer Mall is one of the wonderful places in the city of Jubail, where the calm waters and wonderful lights, and provide a lot of entertainment services for children, as there are a lot of buffets spread, and the best restaurants that are the most delicious cuisine and do not forget that the center of Fanateer contains a lot of green spaces Which fits with all visitors. The Fanateer Mall has a parking lot, and it has large shops, some of which are local and the other are brands that suit families and it provides the basic needs of families, it has restaurants in the second floor of it very beautiful, and attends the most delicious cuisine, there is also a Sarra Automated, and although it is small in size, it provides all kinds of clothes, shoes, abayas, clothing agencies and perfumes. Fanateer Mall also provides a small supermarket but it contains all your needs, and there are small amusement parks for children, and it contains home appliances, tools and accessories for mobiles and all that It needs personal supplies, it is a suitable mall for gatherings, whether friends or families. It is also close to catering services and mosques, and many recreational activities are held on the beach such as water skiing, fishing competitions that take place every year, boat competition and summer water games, and m Abqat diving Alsnoa.aqro also: Best Restaurants Jubail .. to experience different flavors

Al-Jubail Complex – Al Fanateer:

Mango Mall:

Al Fanateer - Jubail ComplexesMango Mall – Al Fanateer: Mango Mall is one of the world famous stores that provide many women’s needs, whether in clothes, shoes, or accessories, with unique and unique designs.

Nayomi Fanateer Nayomi Mall:

Jubail Complex - Naomi Nayomi Fountains Nayomi Moly contains more than one thing that suits women only, as it contains a lot of ladies accessories and it suits all tastes.

Next Mall:

Jubail complexes Next Next Mollinckest for retail, British import of men’s and women’s clothing, footwear, household products, accessories, gifts, and children’s clothing, and has many branches in the city.

Bossini Al Fanateer Mall:

Jubail complexesBossini – Fanateer – Jubailbossity is distinguished by innovation and continuous development, always raising elegant standards of development, and making it more brand
Famous worldwide, due to its distinctiveness and continuous update of all fashion and beauty clothes.

Viss Al Fanateer Mall:

Jubail complexesViss – Al Fanateer Mall – Al Jubail
Women’s shoes, and she has a very large collection of the coolest new bag styles
Which suit all tastes.

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