Madeira Islands

المسافرون العرب

Madeira Islands

It is a group of islands, located in the Atlantic Ocean, in the northwestern part of the continent of Africa, and belongs to the state of Portugal, and its capital is the Funchal Islands, and was known to the Romens, and was discovered by Portuguese navigators in 1419 AD, and it was named this name because of the abundance of timber In it, the official language is Portuguese, and it is considered one of the most romantic languages ​​in the world, and there are a few of its inhabitants who speak the Asturian language, and the tourist places in the Madeira Islands are: Porto Santo, Pico Ruevo, and the Palace of the Mountain Tropical Garden.

Geographical nature

Madeira is one of the largest islands, with an area of ​​approximately 741 km upper, and 40 km from the north-eastern side of the island of Porto Santo, which is the second largest island in the world, with an area of ​​42.17 km as an upper platform, which is a group of uninhabited islands, These islands formed as a result of volcanic activity, which began about 19 million years ago, and is famous for agriculture, in addition to whale hunting, and its inhabitants were using their physical strength to catch whales.

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Its population is approximately 245,806 people, the population density is higher than the European and national average, and the density is concentrated on the southern side of the coast, and most of the population adhere to the Christian religion, and they are affiliated to the Romen Catholic doctrine, and the number of foreigners in it is about 7404 from 91 different countries, and most of them are Brazil, and the Muslim population is approximately 1,000 Muslims, and there is one mosque, located in the capital Funchal, and its size is only 60 m 2.


It relies heavily on tourism, so that it receives visitors from all parts of the continent of Europe throughout the year, as it has a moderate and beautiful climate, which encourages tourists to come to it, and there are several famous people who visited the island, among them Charles I, the Empress of Austria Sisi, and also depend on Agriculture, especially the cultivation of fermented grapes and carrots, is famous for the production of wine, in addition to the production of fruits, bananas, sugar cane, coffee, coconuts, and many others, and it works to export them abroad.

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Holidays and holidays

The official holiday will be on New Year’s Day, which is on January 1, Easter, and Freedom Day, which will be on April 25, Portugal Day, June 10, Mary’s Day, Eucharist, and the island’s founding day. October 5, Halloween on November 1, the Immaculate Conception on December 8, and Christmas on December 26.

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