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Palace of Culture and Science

The Palace of Culture and Science is an important architectural symbol for Warsaw, and it occupies the first rank among the tallest buildings in it. This building, which was designed using Art Deco, is a gift from the Soviet people to the Polish people on the order of Stalin, knowing that it rises to about 237 meters, as it contains on its 30th floor a gallery that gives the visitor an opportunity to see the wonderful city of Warsaw in a comprehensive way, and note its picturesque landmarks, such as the National Stadium, knowing that it can be reached by climbing 114 meters. It should be noted that this building – which serves many institutions, companies, libraries, and other institutions – houses many cafes, restaurants, shops, and other departments.

Warsaw Old Town

The Old Town in Warsaw is an important tourist destination to get to know the sights of the old city, wander through its wonderful streets, see its artistic paintings dating back to the eighteenth century, in addition to visiting the Cathedral of St. John, knowing that it also includes many From restaurants, to cafes. It should be noted that this ancient city has been included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites.

National Stadium

The National Stadium, located in the eastern part of Warsaw, Poland, on the eastern bank of the Vistula River, can accommodate about 58,000 spectators, knowing that its construction was aimed at hosting the 2012 European Nations Cup. It should be noted that the two-color ornaments: red and white refer to the flag of Poland.

the National Museum

Inside the National Museum, there are many European and Polish arts that represent historical periods stretching from the Middle Ages to the present, and it provides tourists and art lovers with an opportunity to see exhibitions on Polish art, as well as temporary exhibitions that She is distinguished by her beauty and beauty.

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