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The city of Salalah

One of the Omani cities located on the southern side of the Sultanate’s coast, which is the second capital of the Republic in terms of both tourism and trade. God Almighty distinguished it with a group of picturesque natural tourism ingredients, and he made incense, frankincense and hookah trees, which are a tropical tree whose fruit resembles coconuts, as it abounds It contains banana and banana cultivation, and its population is estimated at about one hundred and seventy two thousand people. It occupies the third rank at the level of the republic in terms of population, constituting 69.2% of the total population in the governorate.

The monuments in the city of Salalah

There are a group of historical places that constitute evidence of its importance, including the Al-Baleed region in which there is the famous courtyard, and a group of remains represented in the port, sidewalks, buildings, cemeteries and mosques, and the three most interesting archaeological sites in them are found in Al-Mughassil, and they contain walls and cemeteries for pre-Islamic periods It is called Barazat, and it has a crushing valid fit, in addition to a water well and waterwheels at the entrance to Al-Nehez Club.

It contains a group of the oldest mosques, such as the Sheikh Ahmad Bin Afif Mosque, and another called the Afif Bin Ahmed Mosque, both of which are located at the edge, and a group of modern mosques, one of which belongs to Abdul Aziz bin Ahmed in the Dahriz area, and the second is known as the Jami Mosque or the Central Salalah Mosque, and the people of the area call it the Rawas Mosque In addition to Abdullah Al Yamani Mosque in Awqad, and Aqeel Mosque on the eastern side of Salalah.

Shrines in the city of Salalah

With regard to the religious shrines, it is represented in the tomb of the Prophet Ayoub in a region called the Prosecution of Gedo, and another of Salem bin Ahmed bin Arabia in the Raysut region, and in Kairon Hirati, the tomb of Houd bin Amer is located, while the shrine of the Prophet Imran is located in the qawf, in addition to a group of monuments that stand out The beauty of the place, the picturesque beaches such as the beach of Al-Dahriz and Raysut, in addition to Salalah and Al-Mughassil, and it also has a group of water eyes such as Ain Gerziz, and the valleys such as Wadi Andoub and Arbut, and gardens and parks such as the Garden of Public Happiness and Al-Mutazah Park.

The civilization development of Salalah

There is an international airport in the name of Salalah International Airport, in addition to the container port of Salalah, which ranks second in importance in the Republic, as it is the second largest port in the Middle East as a whole, and it has a group of industrial areas, government and private centers and agencies, for example there are Three institutions affiliated with the educational sector, which are Dhofar University and the Technical College, are two governments. As for Al Ahlia Private School, it is the College of Applied Sciences, and its hotels receive visitors and tourists annually.

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