Recreation in Rome .. And the most important 3 public parks amid nature and relaxation

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Learn through this article about the best parks in Rome, the Italian capital, walking in the natural greenery and more relaxation and meditation.

The most important parks in Rome:

Villa Ada

Villa Ada is one of the best and most important public parks in the capital, Rome. Villa Ada is located between the areas of Parioli and Salaria, and this is just outside the Aurelian walls, where the doors of the villa are located in Ponte Salario Street, which is close to Salaria Street. The main point of Villa Ada and this area appeared to be a no-go zone for hunting. This was when you were the property of the Savoy family. And the hedgehog. And also This region is considered to be one of the most rich areas of many different birds. It is one of the most important areas with flowers and trees of beauty and magnificent natural landscapes. There are different types of pine and different types of lori and fir trees which are considered very rare trees. This is why at the entrance to Villa Ada Villa Ada finds a wonderful view and this is because the city has a wonderful and beautiful appearance full of flowers and trees with a beautiful landscape. At the present time, this garden is a very important residence for many different activities such as parties, exhibitions and some charitable celebrations.Recreation in Rome .. And the most important 3 public - Recreation in Rome .. And the most important 3 public parks amid nature and relaxationVilla Ada

Tivoli Gardens:

The Tivoli Gardens are one of the most beautiful and wonderful places that you should visit during your tourist trip to Italy. One of the most beautiful gardens that you must visit and enjoy watching the wonderful landscapes to feel relaxation among the flowers and trees that are famous for their “Tivoli Gardens” are among the areas of nature The luxury is a rural area and is located in Qatar 30 kilometers from Rome, the Italian capital. Tivoli Gardens are surrounded by the Italian capital, Rome and where the historical museum of aviation development is located. Lake Prcialu is located in the north of the Italian capital Rome, Lake Albano which is in the south of the capital. Also, the area of ​​Castelli Roma and the port of “Anzio and Nettuno” which is located directly on the sea. In Nesbo, the Tivoli Gardens are located in the northeast of the Italian capital, Rome. Tivoli Gardens are characterized by luxurious palaces, green terraces, and wonderful water tables. The fountains are 500 fountains. As for the bushes in it, they take on a wonderful and beautiful geometrical shape. And for a while these gardens were the seat of Cardinal “Ipoletto d’Este II” which was renovated between 1550 AD – 1569 AD in order to be a luxurious palace and a beautiful and wonderful garden. Tivol Gardens More beautiful in the summer and this is due to the wonderful lighting on the fountains. An example of the most beautiful fountains in Tivoli Gardens is the Ovato Fountain or Tivoli Fountain. The Ovato Fountain or Tivoli Fountain is a very important symbol of the city in which the wonderful natural parks are found. Those who have a physical disability as it has elevators equipped for them and some services in order to allow the transport of the disabled to enter the gardens and see the wonderful scenery fountains. You must call the number 0774335850 from inside Italy in order to book in advance before heading to Tivoli Gardens.1581240505 87 Recreation in Rome .. And the most important 3 public - Recreation in Rome .. And the most important 3 public parks amid nature and relaxationTivoli Gardens

Villa Doria Pamphili Gardens:

“Villa Doria Pamphili” has been established since 1971. The “Villa Doria Pamphili” park is one of the largest public parks in the Italian capital, Rome. It is considered one of the most visited parks for people who love to exercise and run as well. There is an older part of the park Villa Doria Pamphili ”It is located on Old Aurelia Street No. 183. The old building is the building called Villa Vecchia or the old villa as it is said. This villa was present when Pamphilio Pampheli purchased it and this was in the year 1630 AD. As for the new villa it has been It was built from the year 1644 AD – the year 1644 AD from Al-Cardi and Karima De. ”The halls and villas in this villa were decorated with drawings that covered the interior walls of this villa. This villa was surrounded by a large group of sculptures of great beauty. Now these statues are in the“ Capitoline Museum ”. Some renovations and expansions took place in that villa Until the nineteenth century AD. After the year 1849 AD, there was a merger of Villa Pamphili with Villa Corsini, and after this merger, that villa became more extensive than it was previously. This villa is now the lung of the Italian capital, Rome.1581240505 675 Recreation in Rome .. And the most important 3 public - Recreation in Rome .. And the most important 3 public parks amid nature and relaxationVilla Doria Pamphili Gardens


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