Rome is one of the most beautiful tourist areas in the world, which receives thousands of tourists annually from all parts of the earth, as Rome has the most beautiful landmarks and regions that made it the focus of everyone’s attention, and Rama is the capital of Italy, and its name is due to Romulus the founder of the city of Italy, and this country has existed for more than more 2500 years ago, Rome was ranked among the best countries in multiple international classifications, as it was ranked the 28th city in terms of its global importance in the classification of a contract for all the countries of the world in 2007, and it was also classified as a global city with a degree of house, and this was done in 2010 by a network Search global cities and globalization, a tumor of more tides Attractive among all countries of the European Union and the whole world, studies were held to find out which countries the arrivals from different parts of the earth came, and Rome occupied the eleventh position among all countries in the world, and the third place among the European Union countries, because it has the most beautiful monuments and museums As global as the Vatican Museum and others, this city is located at the top of the UNESCO list, which classifies the World Heritage sites, and for all these reasons it is one of the most beautiful parts of the earth.

Rome’s most beautiful sights:

Rome is the largest city in Italy, as it is the center and capital of Italy and contains many attractive tourist attractions, and Rome has many honorable facades of tourism, which attract millions of arrivals annually from various countries of the world, and from these landmarks:

  • Colosseum:

The Colosseum has the largest historical amphitheater in the world, which was built during the era of the Romen Empire, and the Colosseum is very popular, where about 4 million people come to visit it annually, and the Colosseum was used as an ancient arena for competitions, hunting animals and can accommodate about 80000 people. .

  • Romen Forum:

The Romen Forum is considered one of the best places of Rome at all, and it is one of the oldest buildings in Rome, dating back to 500 BC, and was established during the era of the Romen Empire, and this forum clarifies history as it should be, where history provides its details and the various covenants of each family and so on. You are a fan of history, the Romen Forum is the right place for you, as it returns you to ancient times and eras.

  • Tiber River:

The Tiber River is the most beautiful scenic landscape in Rome, and the beauty of this river appears while walking along it at night, the Tiber River is an opportunity that will not make up for lovers of the beautiful nature and beauty and enjoy the fresh air, as the Tiber River is characterized by the presence of an island within it which is the Tiber Island, and the Tiber Island is The only unique island in the middle of the river.

  • Navona Square:

Navona Square is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Rome, and arrivals come to it from most parts of the world, where this square possesses many beautiful tourist attractions such as the Four River Fountain which is a symbol of four international rivers, as well as the beautiful St. Agnes Church, in addition to the Moore Fountain as well as the famous Neptune Fountain Navona Square is also a busy night, with high-end cafes and restaurants.

  • Trevi Fountain:

The Trevi Fountain is the point of view for any visitor to Rome, so any tourist in Rome makes a visit to the Trevi Fountain, and this fountain is the largest fountain in Rome, where tourists throw coins inside to achieve their aspirations, the Trevi Fountain is the richest and most beautiful fountain in the world with its design and its currencies.

  • Pantheon:

The Pantheon is a great tourist attraction called the Cemetery of the Great, and the Pantheon is considered one of the most luxurious places in Rome, as it was built since the Romen era but it still exists until now and retains its beautiful shape due to the interest of the leaders in it and its renewal constantly, and the Pantheon was used in ancient times during the Romen Empire as a temple of the gods, but It became a graveyard for all the great Rome.

  • St. Peter’s Church:

Among the most important Catholic churches, or in a healthier sense, are the most important and largest Catholic church in the world, and it is considered one of the tourist places that attract visitors to it, and it is considered the greatest Christian church in the whole world, as it reaches 120 meters from the inside, in addition to that it includes the tomb of the Great St. Peter, In addition to the beautiful drawings and decorations in which many painters and artists participated, such as the great Michael Angel, who drew the dome of the church, as well as the famous Brennini who designed a shrine for St. Peter inside the church.

  • Vatican Museums:

It is a group of museums that exist within the Vatican City, and was established by Pope Paulius, and includes the most important monuments of the world, and was founded in the sixth century AD, and these museums contain the beautiful Sistine Church, as well as contain Raphael rooms and spiral stairs, and contains the most beautiful inscriptions and drawings that have Made by artist Michelangelo.

  • Caracalla Baths:

It is one of the largest public baths in Rome, and was built in the era of Emperor Caracalla, where it was established for a political purpose, so the history of Caracalla baths dates back hundreds of years, but wars and earthquakes have affected them, but these baths are still the focus of attention of tourists.

  • Villa Farnesina:

Villa Farnesina is considered one of the most beautiful places in Rome, and this villa is located in the famous neighborhood of Trastevere, and this villa is characterized by luxurious and artistic architectural walls, this villa was created to reflect the luxurious life and luxury that the wealthy lived in the Renaissance.

Best restaurants in Rome:

After getting to know the best places and attractions in Rome, we will look at the best restaurants in Rome, because the visitor during his visit to Rome will need restaurants in order to eat his food as well as take a break from the extreme fatigue during his visit to the tourist attractions, and Rome is famous for the excellent food, and the high-end restaurants that Many of the country’s residents as well as tourists resort to it, because it works to provide the best delicacies, and Rome has the largest restaurants in the world, and we will provide you with the best restaurants that are recommended to visit, namely:

1- Resturant il tempio di iside:

The restaurant il tempio di iside is one of the best restaurants in Rome. This restaurant features delicious seafood, and this restaurant features a wonderful selection of fresh fish that is characterized by its delicious taste, such as delicious crab, in addition to delicious and distinctive appetizers.

2- Resturant ditirambo:

This restaurant is characterized by the center of Rome, where there is in the heart near the famous Navona Square, and this restaurant is characterized by the beauty of its design, and fresh romantic music that helps to relax the body and nerves, and it offers the most famous italyn cuisine, which is the delicious pasta with added pecorino cheese as well as black pepper, nor Any visitor visits the ditirambo restaurant, only to order oven-roast potatoes served with truffle mushrooms and delicious cheese.

3- Resturant rome sparita:

This restaurant is considered one of the most prestigious and distinctive fine restaurants of Rome, this restaurant follows the old approach to restaurants, visitors come to it from all over the world, and it is famous for serving delicious pasta dish with parmesan cheese and black pepper, and the restaurant is characterized by providing the best meal ever which is an oyster meal with Garlic and pepper, as well as tomatoes.

4– Resturant dal toscano:

The dal toscano restaurant is one of the most famous restaurants that offer delicious meat dishes, and one of the most famous of these dishes is a dish of white beans with a lot of distinctive beef that serves roast, where it is cooked with rich herbs and the famous herbal sauce, and this delicious and delicious meal with potatoes is added Fried appetizers.

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