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Sealand Island

Sealand is considered the smallest country in the world, and it has been offered for sale by its Emir, and it is the only country in which there are no heights such as plateaus and mountains, not even depressions such as valleys and plains or even lakes and rivers, and it is a new industrial island as it was built by man, and it is still until Our day raises great controversy, in addition to that it constitutes a disputed area with the British government, which filed a judicial complaint through which it wants to re-annex the island to its territory to be under its authority.

It is a modern artificial island consisting of a military naval fortress that was called (the owner of Fortrovs), consisting of a floating base on a metal dock called (Rufstower), which is attached to two huge concrete towers, and part of the ship deck off the coast of Harwich.


The origin of this island dates back to the year one thousand nine hundred and forty-three AD, when England built during the Second World War a launching platform for missiles in order to support its air defenses, and at the same time it is used as a landing ground for its warplanes against German planes in the dock on the North Sea, in a region that it wanted to be outside The boundaries of its territorial waters, as it is only about ten kilometers away from the coast of Britain, while this act was the great sin of England that was not reckoned with, and the arrow that she directed to herself killed her, so after she sank and a floating part of it remained on the ground, Ruy Roy Bates – One of the English businessmen – his influence over the entire pier, and this was declared by him as an independent and sovereign state subject to his authority alone on the second of November of the year one thousand nine hundred and sixty-seven AD, after he established himself as a prince.

Area and population

The area of ​​Sealand Island does not exceed the size of the football field, with an estimated total area of ​​five hundred and fifty square meters only, and a population of only twenty-two people, they are the family of Prince Roy Bates, who is seventy-three years old in addition to his relatives and some friends.

Sealand Island State

This island is considered a recognized state by only one party and it is its owner, while it has not yet obtained recognition and presence from any of the Security Council countries, even though it has an independent flag and its own hymn and postage stamps, in addition to a currency that belongs to it It is the Thai dollar, and the official language is English.

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