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The Comoros chain is located in the tropical waters of the Indian Ocean between the eastern coast of Africa and Madagascar, and it includes three volcanic islands and many coral reefs and uninhabited islands, and it is believed that the first inhabitants of Comoros in the sixth century AD were colonists from Africa and from Southeast Asia and Oceania.

Comoros economy

Comoros economy is one of the poorest and least in the world, and its economy is hampered by the rapidly increasing population, insufficient transportation, and lack of natural resources. Comoros relies heavily on foreign grants and technical assistance because of the low educational level of the workforce.

Most of the workforce is engaged in agriculture, with agriculture, fishing, hunting, and forestry accounting for about 50% of GDP, agricultural exports in Comoros are heavily dependent on vanilla, carnation, and ylang-ylang, and fires and severe weather conditions affect export earnings in the country.
Comoros imports nearly 70% of its nutritional needs such as: rice, fish, and dried vegetables, and remittances contribute to 300,000 people from Comoros with about 25% of the country’s GDP, and France remains the colonial power of Comoros as a major trading partner and bilateral donor.

Population in the Comoros

About three-quarters of the population lives in rural areas, on the island of Grande Comore, about half the population of the country, Anjouan Island has about two-fifths of the population, and Moheli Island has less than one-tenth of the population. Comorians are made up of various ethnic groups, namely Persians, immigrants, Arabs, Africans and the peoples of Madagascar. Most of the population speaks a language specific to Comoros, which is the Bantu language, and the official languages ​​of the islands are Comorian, Arabic and French.


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