Dear reader, we present to you today our article from Arab travelers on a research on tourism, of course you need to know more about this topic, its importance, and its role in improving the country’s economy, and this is what we will explain to you during the next lines.

Search for tourism

Without a doubt, tourism plays a large role in reviving the economy of any country, and helps increase national income and provide a hard currency, which reduces the unemployment rate. Which exist in this country, as well as the volume of advertising and marketing are important things in the field of tourism.

Tourism concept

Tourism means moving a person from one place to another, because of the goal of what he has, perhaps for the sake of relaxation, and taking a break, during a certain period within the limits of one day, and may reach a full year.
Tourism means travel for adventure, or self-entertainment, or perhaps for the treatment and recovery from a disease, and includes the provision of all services related to the travel trip.

A tourist is called this title when he moves 80 kilometers from his home, and more.

Tourism development factors

In the past

In the past, tourism was a phenomenon practiced by some societies, but at that time it was limited to a number of places, due to the long distances and the high cost, so travel was limited to travelers or explorers’ adventurers, in addition to that who were traveling are the rich, merchants to bring the goods, And rulers.


Today, we find tourism a global phenomenon of social importance, and it constitutes an important economic sector in various countries, because it contributes to increasing the national income of the state, and helps in upgrading and developing it.
Also, with the development of various means of transportation, it has become easy to go to any country or town, and it is possible to go in a short time.
And new tourism organizations emerged that are concerned with everything related to tourism, its components and its development in general.
The tourism sector now is what causes permanent, and the continuation of coastal cities, monuments and tourist places, and helps in their development and development. With the change of times, tourism has become not limited to a specific time, you can go anywhere wherever you want, and at any time.

Trade exchange between countries through tourism

Tourism helps in the interconnection of relations between countries, and in the conduct of trade exchange between them, through import and export, and then the purchase of tourists for products that are offered in different countries within malls, and different stores, and this helps to occur exchange in trade, products, Thus, there will be commercial and industrial linkages.

Types of tourism

There are different types of tourism you can do, including:

Adventure tourism

And through them there are many explorations and adventures, and the strange, customs and traditions of the inhabitants of the country you go to are known, and also through which they can climb mountains, ski, or wave riding.

Religious Tourism

It is to go to the holy places, including Al-Quds Al-Sharif, Medina, or Makkah Al-Mukarramah. For Christians, you can visit the Vatican or St. Catherine Monastery.

Recreational tourism

The aim of it is recreation, entertainment, and taking a rest, away from the pressure of work, the burdens of life, and going to the famous Arab and international tourist sites.

Cultural tourism

The aim is to go to cultural places, such as libraries, museums, and historical places. We can also say that learning about the customs and traditions of societies falls within cultural tourism.

Beach tourism

This tourism specializes in coastal cities overlooking the seas, and has attractive and wonderful natural scenery, and this type is spread in many countries of the world, and is associated with the practice of diving, as a tourist activity linked to tourist areas.

Meditation tourism

It is a new type of tourism that started in Jordan.

Medical tourism

The goal is hospitalization, treatment, or, through medical tourism, recreation in various places and spas.


Through it you can go to nature reserves.

Conference tourism

A program is set up to visit the various tourist places, on the sidelines of the international conferences that are held in the capitals of internationally known countries.

Shopping tourism

It is through travel for shopping, and the purchase of various products.

The main dimensions of tourist activity

  • The economic dimension
  • Social and cultural
  • Psychological and humanitarian

Factors affecting tourist attractions

Divided into natural and human factors

Natural factors

  • The geographical location of the country
  • Geological form such as a cave, or cave
  • Availability of mountains, highlands, or islands
  • The proportion of water, and land “as the proportion of seas increases the attraction of tourism”
  • The availability of groundwater “which can be used in medical tourism”
  • Weather “The climate has a major impact on tourism, especially if the country has a good climate, the sun rises, and seas are available.”

Human factors

  • The human
  • Transportation and transportation

It is important for the state to enjoy security and safety in order to attract many tourists to visit, with marketing in a correct way because of its effects, tourist places, distinctive beaches, or picturesque and natural scenes, so all these factors help the presence of tourism in any country, so it is important to do advertising Marketing well, and also maintaining the security of tourists, this is something we must not lose sight of.

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