Guide to the most famous shopping places in Madrid, it is known that many people love shopping in the regions of Spain and it is natural that Madrid is the only region that contains several different areas in Madrid, through which we can buy all what we want.
That is why you should wander around the markets of Madrid, the capital of Spain, where there are the best centers and large stores, and some branches of international brands and famous in all the huge centers, where it has a wonderful cinematic role, as there is a golf hall and ice rinks, and now we will get to know On the ten most famous areas in Madrid you can shop in.

Best places to shop in Madrid:

  • Shopping mall:Moda Shopping

The Moda Shopping Mall is located in the commercial side, a few meters away from Paseo de la Castellana, in the heart of Madrid.

  • Shopping mallABC Of Serrano

It is known that this mall is one of the largest marketing centers that have a large number of shops that specialize in fashion and accessories and have many famous and different restaurants, and one of the most famous restaurants that exist in that mall is a terrace restaurant.

  • Shopping mall “Islazul”:

This is one of the commercial malls that have a large number of multiple stores, and it contains a large group of restaurants, especially fast-food restaurants, and there are some entertainment areas for children and adults, as well as a large number of cafes and discos.

  • Shopping mall “Centro Comercial Parquesur”

This mall is one of the largest commercial malls and it is ranked third among all shopping malls in different Spain, and there is in Madrid of course, as there is a beautiful and sparkling cyber fountain, and there is a large hall for all cinematic works and this hall operates a lemax display, and it contains a number Large commercial centers that reach more than 215.

  • Shopping mall Centro Comercial Principe Pio ”:

This mall is considered one of the most interesting places in the global shopping business, and this is because it has a large number of popular stores and for this reason it has a large number of visitors every day, and this is because it contains some places where there are shops selling clothes with high brands at simple prices, for this I take it from The most interesting shopping center, and it has some lounges that do some cinematic shows, and also contains a large number of famous restaurants.

  • Shopping mall “La Gavia”:

This shopping mall was considered one of the most famous marketing centers that exist in the countries of all of Europe, not only at the level of Spain, and in that mall many centers that contain clothes of all brands and sports, and children’s games, and many shoe stores and electrical and household tools and all that needs The individual has a different life, it is not a commercial mall, but a huge institution that carries all the household needs.

  • Shopping center “La Vaguada”:

This center is located in a famous area in Madrid, which is the Barrio del Pilar region, where this center is distinguished by its many large and famous stores and restaurants, and it has the best places that everyone needs from malls, restaurants, cafes and entertainment areas, and this place is characterized by its presence in the quiet distant areas About the noise, it is a very quiet and wonderful place in the entertainment and shopping business, especially in the afternoon.

  • Shopping center “Madrid Xanadu”:

It is known about this center that it is often described as the most prominent and famous commercial center that contains a very large number of places that are preferred in various regions of Madrid, where it has a very large number of entertainment places and cinemas, golf courses, ice halls, and large cafes, And some well-known restaurants in Spain, which won its place very high among all individuals who live in Madrid.

  • Shopping center Centro Comercial Plaza Norte 2“:

This center is located in one of the large areas that are in Madrid, and it contains a large number of shops up to 180 stores, which contains several restaurants famous for Chinese food and this is what makes many people in a permanent visit to it.

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