Abu Dhabi is one of the best tourist destinations in the Emirates, and Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates, where there is the presidential headquarters and the headquarters of the Council of Ministers and several other buildings that contain many important embassies and ministries, and Abu Dhabi is one of the areas that attract tourists and tourism is the main factor About the prosperity of the state, and the most beautiful thing in Abu Dhabi that you can not confuse there is what suits you, hotels, restaurants and service and with all of that the prices are suitable for service, and in this matter we will show you the best tourist places in Abu Dhabi that we hope you will visit soon.

Abu Dhabi Tourist Places:

First: The best malls in Abu Dhabi:

First: Yas Mall:

This mall is one of the largest and best malls that exist in Abu Dhabi, which contains 450 shops of comprehensive and varied shops, which include the most famous international and local brands to satisfy all tastes and this makes it one of the most important malls that tourists and shopping lovers go annually in addition to the presence of many Luxurious and international restaurants and a theme park.

Second: Marina Mall:

Marina Mall is one of the most famous malls in Abu Dhabi city, as this mall contains everything necessary and everything you need without thinking, it has all kinds of furniture, electronic devices and clothing that include the best international brands, luxury restaurants and suitable for all family members in addition to the existing recreational places At The Mall.

Third: Al-Raha Mall:

Al Raha Mall is one of the best malls available and one of the most attractive malls to which tourists are attracted, where everything necessary and everything you need will be provided to you and in front of you, with the best brands and the best prices in addition to the presence of restaurants and cafes that are characterized by high quality, you will find everything from furniture, electrical appliances , Electronic devices and all technology, all the international brands of clothes and shoes and everything you can think of.

Fourth: Abu Dhabi Mall:

Abu Dhabi Mall is one of the well-known and famous malls which is one of the most important and largest and best marketing centers that any tourist and any visitor would wish for. The Abu Dhabi Mall spans a very large area, and there is everything you want and everything you think you will find and in the best of what it can contain more than In addition to restaurants, places of entertainment and cafes, two hundred stores sell all the necessary goods that a person desires, and therefore many visitors go to spend their best time with their lovers and their families here in Abu Dhabi Mall.
These were some well-known and famous malls in the city of Abu Dhabi, which we hope you will spend the best time.

Second: The most important tourist attractions in Abu Dhabi:

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque :

One of the most distinguishing features of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is the luxurious and distinctive design, as it is a restaurant decorated with mosaics and pure gold, and it also has the largest carpet size in the entire world where the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is distinguished by the vast area that makes it accommodate more than about forty thousand worshipers and the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is considered One of the best places to visit in Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi Corniche:

Abu Dhabi Corniche is one of the most popular tourist signs in Abu Dhabi, as it attracts many tourists because it contains a large number of distinctive restaurants and cafes and enjoying swimming and has special pedestrian paths and other bicycle paths and there are playgrounds for children to enjoy their time and the Abu Dhabi Corniche is one of the most places Distinctive in this city that we hope you will go to.

Qasr al-Hosn:

Qasr Al-Hosn is one of the oldest buildings still in Abu Dhabi, and Qasr Al-Hosn is one of the important historical buildings that belonged to the ruling Al Nahyan family in the emirate at that time.

Heritage Village:

The Heritage Village is one of the most important and best archaeological monuments that exist in the city of Abu Dhabi. It shows us the old traditional life that was found in the Emirates. This village includes many museums open to visitors and several stores that contain handicrafts and are considered one of the best places and tourist attractions in Abu Stupid that attracts many tourists.

Abu Dhabi Marjan Abu Dhabi Water Park:

The water park is one of the best tourist places in Abu Dhabi that everyone enjoys, especially children. It is located in the Khalifa Park and includes 7 water games for children to enjoy.

Abu Dhabi Zoo:

The Emirates Zoo features a large number of animals from all over the world. There are about 1700 wild animals, including some rare wild animals such as white tigers, giant siberian and zebras. There is also this luxury tourist resort overlooking the park directly.
All these tourist places in Abu Dhabi city and much more. We hope that you will go to visit and see it in nature and you will surely like it and you will enjoy all these places. Thank you.

Third: The most famous hotels in Abu Dhabi:

Abu Dhabi is one of the most beautiful and best tourist places, and Abu Dhabi includes many excellent hotels that have won the admiration of all visitors who have gone to it. The best of these hotels are:

First: Royal Rose Hotel:

The Royal Rose Hotel is one of the best and chic hotels in Abu Dhabi, and this also includes the excellent location where the Royal Rose Hotel is located in the city center and very close to the Abu Dhabi Corniche known for its beauty and the large number of cafes and the best water activities that exist, and all visitors who They rated the Royal Rose Hotel praising him for the splendor of the place and the view, and the luxury that the hotel contains in terms of services, food and everything in it.

Second: Le Royal Meridien Abu Dhabi:

This Le Royal Meridien hotel located in Abu Dhabi is one of the distinguished, picturesque and luxurious hotels that attract tourists until they reside in it as it is distinguished by its distinguished location, it is very close to the beach, beautiful scenery and beautiful atmosphere and is about two kilometers from the Abu Dhabi Mall that many people wish to go to, and it has I gather all the visitors who went to Le Royal Meridien as a very nice and comfortable hotel and they praised him for the good reception and the love of the employees in it for their work, they are very kind and speedy of the required service while enjoying the best taste of food, but we must mention that the hotel contains a night club This suits some visitors and others do not prefer it.

Third: Millennium Corniche Hotel Abu Dhabi:

Millennium Corniche Hotel is one of the finest hotels in Abu Dhabi, which is located in the center of Abu Dhabi, which gives this hotel a beautiful and distinctive view as it overlooks the entire Arabian Gulf with the park and is away from the Corniche with a very short distance, so you can enjoy the beautiful scenery and many beautiful scenes from this The hotel and its best thing is also that it is close to Abu Dhabi International Airport. This is an unforgettable feature. As for the evaluation directed to this hotel by visitors, they are very impressed with the place and the distinctive look, in addition to the spacious space in the rooms and the high cleanliness of the place, all of that in addition. FH to the ease of recording during entry and exit from the hotel.

Fourth: City Seasons Al Hamra Hotel:

Al-Hamra City Seasons Hotel has received only four stars, but it is a very classy hotel and it is located in a beautiful place and it is in the business district of Abu Dhabi. The amount of about eleven km is approximately and all of these things make it one of the most famous and best hotels in Abu Dhabi to which many visitors go. As for the evaluation obtained by the service in the hotel, it is the rapid response of employees and the extent of their proficiency in providing the service and in terms of location it is close to City center They liked it, but for the sake of honesty, they made a simple note about not having enough and varied types of food for breakfast.

Fifth: Holiday Inn Abu Dhabi Downtown:

This hotel is one of the best hotels that are located next to many embassies located in Abu Dhabi, as it is located in the commercial district area in the center of Abu Dhabi and separates it from the shopping malls there are very short distance and also Abu Dhabi Corniche and enjoy the wonderful water activities and for the evaluation it came as the following cleanliness The hotel is good, the staff at the hotel are good, the services available are great, and the food is very tasty, but the note is that the hotel’s parking lot is narrow and may even be absent.

Sixth: Abu Dhabi Crystal Hotel:

The Abu Dhabi Crystal Hotel is one of the best hotels that can be obtained, especially if you have the desire to shop, as this hotel is located in the commercial area near the shopping city of Zayed, which is opposite Electra Street, and separates you between the hotel and the pleasure of shopping and entertainment a very very short distance which is about Just 5 minutes. As for the evaluation, it is very beautiful. They praised the staff in the hotel for speed and order in addition to cleanliness and liked the kitchen very much.

Seventh: Oaks Liwa Executive Suites:

This hotel is one of the best hotels that feature a comfortable and spacious place and residence, which is located in Abu Dhabi, it is located a few minutes between it and the beachfront and enjoy it. It is also close to the Heritage Village Zayed Village and Abu Dhabi Corniche. This hotel is away from the Abu Dhabi Mall about four hundred Just a meter away, and in terms of reviews about this hotel, it has been praised by all visitors for its delicious food, spacious rooms, welcoming staff to visitors, fast service delivery, and easy check-in and check-out.

Seventh: Centro Al Manhal Hotel by Rotana:

This hotel is one of the best budget hotels in Abu Dhabi, which is characterized by elegance and the right place, it is near the Al Wahda Mall and near the main bus station in Abu Dhabi, and this facilitates the transportation process, and for the evaluation it is beautiful and satisfactory as visitors rated it as clean and its location is excellent and the net is covered Great speed and high speed, as there are women services for women, and this is one of the things that distinguishes it from other hotels in addition to the excellent price for the services provided

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