Learn in detail about the experiences of tourism in Russia on the sea and the most beautiful destinations that are recommended to visit, and is one of the most wonderful tourist destinations to visit, due to the number of wonderful beaches, it is suitable for visiting throughout the year until the cold days of winter, and the Russian cities are distinguished by their magnificence and beauty Which made it represent one of the factors that attract tourists in Russia, as it is home to classical music, and home to ancient Russian literature. Everywhere in Russia can see many examples of the splendor of Russian art, which is not limited to museums, but is also evident in its churches and mosques Here as well as in its streets and every corner of it, we will get to know it in more detail on the website of Arab travelers.

The best places of tourism in Russia by the sea:

  • Sochi:

It is one of the Circassian cities that are subordinate to the Circassian tribe of Al-Wikh, Sochi is located on the banks of the Black Sea, and the population of this city is 329,481 people.
This is because it is located next to a northern semi-tropical area of ​​the snow-covered area. After a person skids on the warm waters of the Black Sea, he can skate on the snow in the mountains that overlook the city from the north, where the breeze of its sea and the magnificence of its climate and the green of its lands help to improve the health of the person Therefore, it is one of the cities visited by infinite numbers of tourists every year, in order to practice sport and enjoy many different activities that are held in the country, in order to watch sports and games held in Sochi, especially in the winter days.

  • Saint Petersburg:

The most beautiful Russian city, which was named after Caesar Peter who founded it, is located in northwestern Russia at the eastern side of the Gulf of Finland, close to the Baltic Sea, and is characterized by a very cold climate in winter and moderation in summer, and it is one of the cities that is worth a visit as it is a cultural and cultural center Prussia and the second city after Moscow in terms of oldness.
Characterized by its ethnicity and the diversity of cultures in it where Russians, Ukrainians, Azerbaijanis, Belarusians, Poles, Armenians, Georgians and others live in it, this city is famous for its breathtaking ancient civilization, such as the Kazan Cathedral, the Winter Palace and the Hermitage Museum, which contains the largest collection of paintings in the world, allowing the visitor to enjoy the wonderful Neva River delta , Or stroll near the Peterhof Park and Palace or enjoy a walk on Nevsky Prospect, there is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy all nightlife and arts, this city contains more than eight thousand archaeological sites Diem and old-fashioned.

  • The Republic of Crimea:

The beaches of Crimea extend at a distance of about 500 km, the most distinguished by its rocky and sandy diversity. Among the most distinguishing features of this region is the multiplicity of its famous coastal coastal cities such as Kerch, Yalta, Evpatoria and Alushta. This region is also distinguished by the diversity of its tourist resorts, which vary and vary between luxury and simplicity .

  • Krasnodar Territory:

This region is famous for its numerous beaches, resorts, sanatoriums, and mountains that are located along the Azov Sea and the coasts of the Black Sea, and among the most important coastal cities that follow this region, we find the city of Glenjik, Anapa, Sochi and Tuabseh all these cities that are an important tourist destination for tourists and visitors to Russia.

  • Sergeyev Posad:

That city is considered one of the cities of the suburbs of Moscow, with a population of one hundred thousand people, where Sergeyev Posad is located on the banks of the Kunchora River, this city is characterized by the abundance of its cultural monuments, the most famous of which is the Monastery of Saint Sergius and Lavra Trinity that not only attracts tourists but also pilgrims, and is considered Lavra Trinity is a unique monument as it is an ancient holy place of worship.

  • Kazan city:

It is considered one of the most beautiful cities of Russia, where this city is distinguished by its wonderful geographical location, where it is located at the meeting point of both the Kazanka and the Volga River, one of the most distinguishing features of this city is its religious tolerance and intermingling of religions where there is the Islamic religion and Orthodox Christianity, there there can be a church next to The mosque is in the form of civilization more than wonderful, and this city was chosen in 2009 as the capital of sport, so you can enjoy while wandering in the streets to see the oldest mosques in Russia, which was built from stone after Kazan was occupied by Ivan the Great, who opened the Marjani Mosque in 1770, as well as the Qoul Mosque Sharif A. Barr Russian mosques.

  • Verdivostokker:

This wonderful city overlooks the most beautiful geographical locations in Russia, as it is absolute on the Moraviov Amorsk Peninsula, it is located specifically on the coasts of the Sea of ​​Japan and this city was established in 1860 and reaches an area of ​​330 km2, and is characterized by its contain a good number of historical and natural attractions, for example Vladivostok Castle, which is considered one of its most famous landmarks, which was built in the 19th century on an area of ​​400 km. There are 1300 cannons and more and 130 Tabia, it is a unique military facility, this castle still maintains its strength and beauty, as well as the Vorselov battery, which is located in the southern part of the island of Rossky , As well as the Marine Natural Reserve established in 1978 with the aim of preserving living things and protecting the wild environment.



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