The Bosphorus Tour is an unforgettable experience, the Bosphorus Strait is widely recognized throughout the world, for being the strait that separates the Asian continent and the European continent. And towards its coasts, the sultans and emperors met and set up their palaces on its banks, but now it is considered one of the most visited places in the state of Turkey, and there can be a wonderful tour of the strait to see the city’s attractions and inhale the fresh air that characterizes this Riviera, and see the palaces of the sultans and villas of the pashas of the Ottoman state Intention, enjoying seeing Dolma Palace, joy, Rumeli Castle, Ciragan Palace, watching the European and Asian side, and others, and here are more details for Arab travelers.

Things to miss during the Bosphorus tour:

  • See the unique views of most of the sights located along the Bosphorus.
  • Take a great sightseeing tour of the strait, where the relaxed atmosphere is relaxing, avoiding crowds of boats and ferries.
  • Resignation disappointed with some friends, making sure that the captain is friendly and the crew is dedicated to providing the best service.
  • Take some pictures of the stunning views of the islands, as well as photograph the city skyline and boats of all sizes.
  • Have Turkish coffee or tea on board the yacht.

Best tour of the Bosphorus:

Plane tour above the Bosphorus:

On a plane tour like imagination above the Bosphorus Strait to see the wonderful landmarks of Istanbul, and enjoy watching all the modern and historical monuments of the city from above, then passing over the landmarks on both sides of the strait, most notably Istanbul Bridge, you can enjoy a wonderful tour above the bridge that connects the two parts of Istanbul, the European side And the Asian fissure, and seeing the ancient historical palaces that tell the history of the ancient city that was ruled by many kingdoms and empires, as well as passing through the tall towers that were built in the latest architectural style.

Istanbul Bosphorus cruise tour:

The Bosphorus Strait cruise is one of the most beautiful experiences that is recommended to visit while visiting Istanbul, where to spend a fun time with loved ones and with friends, and to enjoy the beauty, splendor and inclusiveness of the city scene among the waters of the strait that is 30 km long, and is considered one of the most important international navigation points that benefit in the movement of transport And ships, during the tour in the Bosphorus, you can enjoy seeing the sights that overlook it, such as the Sultan Bridge, the Dolma Palace, Hicha, the Bosphorus Bridge, many beautiful palaces, the Sultan Bridge, and the vision of the Mehmed Al-Fateh Mosque alongside many beautiful houses and gardens.

The Bosphorus and the Golden Horn journey with lunch:

Where the boat ride is on weekdays, except for Mondays and Thursdays, and go to Dolma Palace for joy, watching the Ciragan Palace, enjoying watching the Golden Horn, seeing the Ortakoy and the Palace of the Bellarbe, and visiting the Berloti Café, as well as enjoying the Frick Istanbul hill, as for food, it will be in a traditional Turkish restaurant to enjoy eating The food has the best panoramic view of the Bosphorus and Istanbul.

The most beautiful tours of the Bosphorus strait, with dinner belly dancing:

One of the most beautiful cruises that can be enjoyed is the Bosphorus trips that are offered by many tourism offices and many companies in Istanbul, where a wonderful trip is carried out in the Bosphorus on the impact of authentic oriental rhythms along with a number of dancing performances while eating a luxury dinner, and often This trip takes from three to four hours, and visits many of Istanbul’s wonderful landmarks.

Bosphorus tour from Eminonu or Kabatash port:

The trip starts from the port of Kabach or the port of Eminonu in the direction to the Bosphorus Strait, and during this trip you will see the Tower of the Girl and the Dolmabahtu Palace and the view of the Ortakoy Mosque and the Palace of the Sultans and the vision of Kozhuksu Palace and a number of wonderful areas within the tour of the Bosphorus Strait, where there are two types of trip to the Bosphorus which is a trip It is short and takes only two hours, where we go to the Asian section and visit some landmarks and return. There is a long journey that lasts from 4 to 6 hours during which most of the historical palaces and archaeological areas are visited and go towards the Sea of ​​Marmara and cross down the two suspended bridges and then walk Amiss hour and a quarter to reach the poplar trees in the area Alonaaddour area to enjoy seeing the best scenic and coffee shops at the top of the hills, and then you return to the starting point.

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