The capital of the State of Benin

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Porto Novo is the capital of Benin

The city of Porto Novo is the capital of the State of Benin, and it extends up to a distance of 110 square kilometers, and the port of Porto Novo was created to serve as an outlet to facilitate the slave trade in the past, and Proto Novo is the seat of the national legislative authority, but the seat of the government is not located in it, but rather it is in Cotonou And the region surrounding Puerto Novo produces kapok oil, palm oil, and cotton, and oil is also exported from the port of this city, and the city includes a huge cement factory, the Oando market, in addition to one of the major banks in the country, the Ojo people, and Yoruba lives in this city,
The population of the city is approximately 234,168.

Porto Novo site

The city of Porto Novo is located on the Gulf of Guinea, in the west of the continent of Africa, extending on a coastal lake in the far southeastern part of the country,
It is located at 60 ° 28’60 ° north latitude, and longitude 2 ° 37 شر 0 east. The vertical elevation over which the city lies is about thirty-eight meters above sea level.

Tourist destinations in Porto Novo

There are many tourist places that can be visited in the capital, Porto Novo, and the most famous of them are:

  • Porto Novo Museum of Ethnography, or description of human races.
  • King Tova Palace, also known as the famous Honme Museum, and the Royal Palace which later turned into a museum.
  • Jardin Place Jean Bayol.
  • The Municipal Stadium (Stade Municipale) and Stade Charles de Gaulle, one of the largest football stadiums in the country.
  • Governor’s Palace, or Governor’s Palace, is currently the residence of the national legislature.
  • Brazilian-style church, which is now a mosque.
  • Benin Graduate Institute.
  • Ueda’s historical, cultural city.
  • Pindjari National Park.
  • The Museum of Silva.


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