The Indian city of Gua

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The city of Gua

The city of Goa is located in the southwestern part of India on the Arabian Sea, which is the smallest Indian state in terms of its area, and the fourth smallest state in terms of its population of 1.485 million people, where it witnessed a remarkable increase in the population during previous years, and considered to be one of the richest Indian states It is one of the best residential areas.

Geography of Gua

Goa is famous for its beaches, rivers, plains, and forests, in addition to its architecture, museums, history and culture. The stone inscriptions that were discovered on the sides of the rivers are the best evidence of human existence about 30,000 years ago in Goa. Copper vessels, stone axes, and coins that were found The human habitation was established from ancient times in the Wilayat of Goa, and they remained under Portuguese rule until the mid-twentieth century, then it was formally incorporated into the Indian government.

The inhabitants of Goa speak five languages, where the Kokan language occupies the first place, where 61% of the population speaks it, and it is the official language, while the Marathi language comes second with 19% of the population, and the Canadian language is ranked third with 7% of the population, and the language is also Hindi with 5% of the population in fourth place, and finally Urdu with 4% of the population, and 4% of the population in the state speak other languages.

The most prominent cities of Gua

  • Bunaji: It is the capital of Goa State, and is located on the banks of the Mandovi River, and its population is estimated at 114 thousand people.
  • Vasco de Gama: It is one of the largest cities in the state of Goa, and it is named after the Portuguese explorer Vasco de Gama, who is the first European to arrive in India.
  • Margao: It is the second largest city in Goa in terms of population, and Margao is a historic city and the cultural and commercial capital of Goa.

The climate of Goa

Goa has a hot tropical climate due to its location on the equator. The average maximum temperature is 30 ° C and the lowest is 23 ° C. The strong monsoon blows in the summer from March to May. The rain falls in June and remains until August. Goa is one of the most humid areas on the Arabian Gulf, and it is advised to visit Goa between November and February when the weather becomes mild, and these months are very crowded in terms of numbers of tourists.

Culture in the state

The state of Goa is a mixture of Indian and Portuguese culture, as it attracts many unique tourist attractions, such as the ancient city of Goa registered under the World Heritage of UNESCO, and the state differs from the rest of the states of India as having been under Portuguese control for more than 450 years, unlike the other states that were under control British, which explains why there are many Portuguese forts on the coast of the state.


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