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The city of Shanghai is the largest city in the world in terms of population, with a population of about 24.1 million people. The city is located in the Yangtze River Delta, and its port is ranked the most active in the world, as 37 million TEUs were treated. In 2016, the economic and commercial center at the present time in China is considered, and it has achieved a twofold development since 1992, with the exception of 2008-2009, as it has suffered from the global economic recession, and financial services, property, and retail trade are among the most important sectors that provide services in City.

About Shanghai

Shanghai is one of the first Chinese ports to open up to Western trade, which has dominated trade for a long time, and the city has witnessed large-scale material changes, as industrial suburbs and residential complexes were established, the provision of parks, and other recreational facilities, and the improvement of public works, as I tried to get rid of From the economic and psychological legacies of its exploited past to support its main role in the modernization and development of China.

Other information about Shanghai

There is a lot of information about Shanghai, including:

  • Shanghai is the main industrial city in China, despite the shortage of fuel and raw materials.
  • It has a free trade zone established in 2013.
  • The new international airport in Pudong opened in 1999, which is located in eastern Shanghai.
  • It is a primary center for publishing and financial matters, and a regional headquarters for many companies of different nationalities.
  • It includes many rural places, where there are farms for food crops, which are used to support the city’s residents.
  • Diamond manufacturing, gas extraction, electrical and electronic equipment manufacturing, computer hardware, medicine, aircraft, tractors, oil purification, plastics, consumer goods, turbines, and many other industries of the city.

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