The most beautiful landmarks of Azerbaijan

المسافرون العرب

Lake Guigol

Lake Goygol (English: Lake Goygol) located near Ganja in Azerbaijan is considered one of the most beautiful places for visitors to enjoy the scenic scenery. It gives it a charming aesthetic view, in addition to its blue water.


Astara, located on the Iranian border, tops the list of the most beautiful places in Azerbaijan. It is characterized by being surrounded by mountains, green rainforests, in addition to the presence of a group of plants, and various animals.

Caspian sea

The Caspian Sea (English: The Caspian Sea) is considered the largest sea, or lakes in the world, and it is one of the most beautiful places that a visitor can see in Azerbaijan, knowing that it shares with Iran on the southern side of its borders, reaching Dagestan on the northern side, as it is along the northern side; Its coastline is more than five hundred kilometers, and it is characterized by the presence of a group of wonderful tourist resorts.


The Maiden’s Tower, located in Baku, is one of the best ancient historical places in the city. The construction of the tower dates back to the belief of some thousands of years, and its construction is made of stone at an altitude of about twenty nine meters, and it is distinguished With its magnificent, beautiful views of Baku Bay, and the old city.

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Harkan National Park

The Hirkan National Park, located in the southern side of Azerbaijan, and specifically in the middle of the Talish Mountains, is considered one of the most beautiful natural monuments in the country; it is home to wild life dating back to millions of years, as it is distinguished by our nature. A lake, and a group of plants, as well as some unique types of animals, such as tigers, and others.

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