What are the most important tourist travel destinations in Kazakhstan? Why did you have to visit this wonderful country without anyone else? A comprehensive guide on the most important places in Kazakhstan, the various tourist attractions, and the fortunes that exist throughout, and here are the most important details for Arab travelers.

My trip to Kazakhstan:

  • Kazakhstan is one of the places that you must visit and put it in your tourist list in the first ranks because it has a long history, embodied in the form of antiquities and ancient monuments and has an ancient culture, which made tourists go to visit from everywhere where you will find wonderful architecture that dates back to the medieval, with shrines That are everywhere.
  • Kazakhstan is among the ninth largest countries around the world in terms of area, making it one of the largest places full of enchanting natural areas such as rivers, lakes, mountains, and green areas.

Here are the most beautiful tourist places in Kazakhstan, and the features of each:

Almaty city:

  • There is a German city in the southeastern part of the country, and it enjoys an excellent strategic location and is one of the favorite cities for tourists, as there are many mountains and valleys as well as the largest cities in Kazakhstan.
  • You will find many wonderful tourist places in the city, where amazing water fountains, wide streets, and lively squares. The city also has many picturesque mountainous places, especially in the fall and spring.
  • The city has many areas that are one of the most important tourist attractions for tourists, between huge theaters, wonderful museums, galleries in addition to shops and many complexes that provide different services between movie theaters, night clubs in addition to places to eat in a very poetic atmosphere in addition to cafes .


There is within walking distance of Almaty, and the most famous places in it are Medio Square, where it is one of the largest specialized circuits for speed skiing, which makes it one of the largest circuits in the world.
It is located at an altitude of 1700 meters above sea level, and you will also be able to see the river above a huge ice stadium, which can guarantee more than 30 thousand viewers while providing the best international services, and you will find that the most famous snowboarders come to every place to participate in the shows Made in Medio.


One of the cities famous for the big boom in the economy and the establishment of development projects in the recent period, as it quickly developed after it was just a small city to a city in every corner of it. You will find a place you want to visit between global food and cafes, it contains wonderful places that you have to visit and one of the most important on The launch is Duman Aquarium and Baitrick’s Dander

Baikonur Space Center:

  • It is one of the oldest and largest centers specialized in space launch in the world.
  • The center was opened in the year 1955 AD by the Soviet Union and it is located in the steppes of Kazakhstan, in the middle of the extended desert, and was used in launching spacecraft of the Soviet Union, and in carrying out Soviet military operations that no longer exist today.
  • Today it is used only as a space center, with missiles for many European and Asian programs being sent.
  • In order to visit this place, you must apply for the visit, at least 45 days before your visit.
  • You will find many agencies that will make it easy to visit the Baikonur Space Center.


One of the oldest cities in the country and whose existence has been more than 2 thousand years, according to what was reported by UNESCO.
Don’t miss the Aisha Bibi shrine and the Babaji Shrine that is outside the town, where you will greatly enjoy seeing those places that express their proficiency in engineering and architecture, and it is one of the most important places of UNESCO World Heritage Preservation.


  • The steppes and lakes spread in the northern part of Kazakhstan and are found mainly in the Nawzum National Park and the Korgalshin Reserve, which covers an area of ​​more than 450 thousand hectares, and it contains many excellent lands for the life of migratory birds, and the rare and which can become extinct.
  • The wetlands in Sarrika are the meeting place of migratory birds from Africa, Europe and the southern part of Asia, where they migrate to their breeding grounds, in western and eastern Siberia.
  • As for the steppes of Central Asia, it is characterized by a large area of ​​up to 200 thousand hectares. It also contains many lakes with fresh water and other lakes with salt water, all of which reach the Arctic or flow into the Aral Irtysh basin, which is located to the south of the country.

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