The most beautiful tourist areas in Lebanon

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Bacchus Temple

The Temple of Bacchus is one of the most beautiful temples in Lebanon, where its facade contains eight columns, while along its sides there are 15 columns, and these columns support a distinctive roof made of curved stone, decorated with many vivid scenes, and the history of the temple dates back to the era of Nero; The middle of the first century AD.

The town of Qobayat

The town of Qobayat is considered one of the most beautiful tourist places in Lebanon, as it contains the largest green areas in the country, in addition to being an ancient city, and a distinguished location for religious tourism, because of the churches and monasteries, and it has the longest path for long walks, and this road connects many It is a place that stretches from north to south, and the Qubayat Summer Festival is held in the town, which is a music festival. The town also serves as a base for exploring the various villages in the region.


The town of Bcharri derives its name from the Ishtar House of Ishtar and is classified among the most wonderful cities in Lebanon, where it is distinguished as an ancient Phoenician settlement, and is also home to the Gibran Khalil Gibran Museum, which represents a national treasure house full of manuscripts, tools, and furniture that was brought from the Gibran house in New York, This is in addition to the town’s view of the Qadisha Valley and the Cedar of the Lord Reserve, which is a reserve for the Cedar Tree and a ski area, and thus Bcharre is one of the distinctive Lebanese tourist attractions.

The archaeological site of Elbas

The archaeological site of Elbas includes hundreds of ornate coffins and tombs, and it is possible to walk around through an ancient Roman road dating back to the era of Hadrian in the second century AD, and behind the site there is a large Roman horse racing field, and it is reported that it was built in the second century AD.

Another tourist place in Lebanon

Lebanon includes many beautiful tourist places, including the following:

  • Jeita Grotto.
  • Shrine of Kfardebian.
  • Muhammad Al-Amin Mosque.
  • Al-Mansouri Grand Mosque.
  • St. George Maronite Cathedral.
  • Byblos Castle.
  • Sursock Museum.
  • Sidon Market.
  • Tripoli port.
  • The main square in Deir al-Qamar: It is an exhibition of high-end Arab architecture, as it includes the Prince Fakhruddin Mosque, which was built in 1493AD.
  • Beiteddine Palace: It is one of the highlights of the Chouf Mountains, and is located in a wonderful place on the hills surrounded by gardens and orchards.
  • Martyrs’ Square: It is considered a landmark worth visiting in Beirut, and the square was established for the first time in 1931 AD, and it is a monument to perpetuate the martyrs who were executed during the period of the Ottoman rule.
  • Star Square: Located in the heart of Beirut, Najma Square contains the seat of Parliament, two cathedrals, and a museum.


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