1- Restaurant Alang Alang
If you are looking for a place for a romantic evening out, Alangang Restaurant will do the trick. The beachfront boutique hotel features an oceanfront restaurant serving fresh seafood with Indonesian touches and Western dishes. The elegant setting and the cool sea breeze will definitely bring you an unforgettable evening.
Address: Jalan Transmigrasi, Mataram

Price range: high

2- Asmara Restaurant
This restaurant has a wide selection and everything from salads, seafood, steaks, pizza, pasta, desserts, and Indonesian cuisine. Located close to the famous art market Cingis, the location of the place is enhanced by stunning views of the adjacent beach and the outdoor dining area where attractive palm trees provide welcome shades. Asmara, with its Indonesian interiors, has long been a favorite with families due to its welcoming and relaxing atmosphere. Guests can also see a wide selection of books on loan and an impressive and colorful art collection.
Title: Jalan Raya Sengiji
Price range: expensive

3- Cafe Alberto
The best place on the island is where to go for authentic italyn cuisine, as pizza is popular here. The restaurant also serves seafood dishes, Japanese food and traditional steaks. Weekends usually see the addition of a live band; people often state that the atmosphere and beach of this restaurant are the reason for many of his visitors returning to him again. Alberto Café offers free pick-up service in the Senggigi region.
Address: ji. Raya Sengiji
Price range: affordable

4- Dwa M restaurant
For the original Lomback dishes, Dua Am is a good choice, with Indonesian spices cooked slowly and juices wrapped and served to perfection. The restaurant is cost-effective with charming interiors which consist of bamboo tables and cushions on the floors. Be sure to try Ayam Taliwag, the chicken dish.
Address: Jalan Transmigrasi, Mataram
Price range: affordable

5- Taman Restaurant
This restaurant consists of two floors with Indonesian decor. He specializes in seafood at a reasonable price. The restaurant is located on the busiest street in Senggigi and offers delivery service and transfer to the hotel (within the area of ​​course). Taman imports meat from New Zealand and Australia and has a number of Indian curry dishes originally prepared on the menu. For those who do not like to leave their places of residence, home delivery is also an option.
Address: ji. Raya Sengiji, Sengiji, Lombok
Price range: affordable

6- Ye Jeon Restaurant
Ye Jeon is the only Korean restaurant on the island; it offers affordable dishes in a pleasant atmosphere that makes it a popular choice for those looking for an alternative to traditional Lombok restaurants. Make sure to try the bibabap and spread fully for Banshan’s entrees.
Address: Ji Rin Senggigi Burt Senggigi Square
Price range: high
7- Gara Gara Café
This small and friendly cafe is popular with tourists and serves traditional Indonesian cuisine and some Western dishes. Located just outside the gates of Senggigi Beach Hotel, it is a good place to see locals and tourists walking. Be sure to try Ayam Szechuan Chicken with red pepper, ginger, sweet pepper and vinegar.
Address: Senggigi Plaza A3 A2, Senggigi Beach, Lombok
Price range: affordable

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