The most important sights in Kerala

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History and Heritage Museum

The Museum Of History And Heritage is considered one of the most important museums in the state of Kerala, as it includes (with its heritage building built 120 years ago) many wonderful collections of pieces, heritage and historical works, which express the culture of Kerala , And its history, including: frescoes, floor, Roman coins, bronze and wood carvings, primitive tools dating back to the Iron Age, and many other rare and valuable holdings of its history and heritage.

Becal Castle

Bekal Fort is located in the village of Bekal in the Kasaragod region, which is an ancient historical castle with an area of ​​40 acres, which is equivalent to 161,874.18 m 2. The sea; today the waves cross three quarters of the fort’s outer surface.

Kurovan and Kurathi statue

This statue, which was built in 2005 on a hilltop in Aduki, is a huge stone statue of a man and a woman, and it was supervised by the famous architect Jinan.

Marari Beach

Marari Beach is located in the village of Marari, half an hour north of Alleppey. It is a picturesque beach that allows visitors and tourists to enjoy the wonderful natural atmosphere, staying in simple accommodations on the beach, or the luxurious resorts spread along the beach.

Jatayubara Land Center

The Jatayupara Earth Center (English: Jatayupara Earth Center) is located in Kollam district in Kerala state, and it is considered as a picturesque park with an area of ​​65 acres; equivalent to 263,045.54 m 2, and this area includes many wonderful landscapes, attractive landmarks, perhaps the most important of which are: A virtual reality museum, a cable car that takes passengers to the top of the mountain, a six-dimensional theater, and the historic Gataio statue in the form of an eagle 200 feet long, equivalent to 60.96 m, making it the largest statue of its kind in the world.


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