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Taipei Tower

In different regions of the world there are distinct architectural places and buildings, which made the areas in them significant in terms of economic as well as tourism, as a result of attracting a large number of tourists both from the same countries and even from neighboring countries and separate parts of the world, and among the most prominent of these buildings is what is known as the tower Taipei or the second largest tower in the world, which was established in the form of a skyscraper in the Taiwanese capital on 18.10.2003 AD, and took the title of the second largest tower in the world instead of the Petronas Tower located in the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur.

Its design

Designed by C.I. Wi. CY Lee, as for project management and construction related matters, was turned over by Turner International Industry, which is similar to the Taipei Tower in its design, bamboo plant stem, and has a tapered head with a length of 60 feet, and is one of the tallest towers in the world with a length of 508 One meter or 1.667 feet, and as a result of the presence of its pointed head or top, it is superior to its Malaysian counterpart, “Petronas”, and the tower consists of 101 floors, so sometimes it is called the Taipei Tower 101 in relation to the number of its floors, while its total area is 198.347 square meters, which is equivalent to (2.336 .000 sq. Ft.), In addition to 77,033 sq. M, and equivalent to 796,000 sq. Ft. Of area E, dedicated to parking space of up to 83,000 square meters which is equivalent to 893.000 square feet, and can accommodate more than 1,800 cars.

The most important thing that distinguishes it

This giant tower derives the idea of ​​its design from the ancient Chinese culture, as the interior design for it as well as the exterior resemble the construction of both the design of the pagoda (the structure of the Chinese temple), and the shape of the stem of the bamboo plant, in addition to that the external shape of it is the number eight, which indicates in Chinese culture to Luck, success and flowering, so that they call it (lucky number) and also represents the number of exterior sections of the building.
The design is characterized by the presence of floors called observation or viewing floors, which are each of the ninety-ninth floor in addition to the ninety-one, and guarantees the highest restaurant in Taiwan, and the elevators of this great edifice are distinguished by their high speed, so that the speed reaches (1.010) meters / minute, equivalent to 55 feet / The second, and the number of them are elevators and are considered the highest elevators in the world, so they can reach the eighty-ninth floor in only thirty-nine minutes!

Safety degree

Taiwan is one of the areas most prone to natural disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes, and to avoid exposure to it was designed to contain a system of absorption of various vibrations, by placing it in the building structure itself, and the principle of this system’s work is to convert the kinetic energy of the vibrations into steel blocks that give the building stability and stability Extra and high.

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